American Flag Tulip Field
American Flag Tulip Field
American Flag Tulip Field. Member reactions:
pcrdds, Well you recognized as a flag right. I am a true patriot, but our politicians are cowards and blind.
A lovely concept to use Tulips to staged so beautifully like a flag to honor it good job done
Rajeshstar, Thanks, I appreciate that you liked the concept and recognized that I was honoring our flag.
not out flags colors but nice layout.....
Badseed, Thanks for the compliment of my layout.
ericnorthend, Thanks for the compliment on my piece.
Newsmaster, I appreciate it. Still trying.

Funny Don Obama in Dutch Tulip Field

Don Obama in Dutch Tulip Field
Member reactions:
Oh boy... I can clearly see he's a democrat. Great choppage.
Nice work-had to come back for a second look and, 'Voila.,' you won; well-deserved. Congratulations.
Sr. Clifford, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Rainman, I think your rendition is out of contest. Tulips and Windmills are from Holland...why Obama in the picture. and again as a dunkey... Where is the King of Spain... or any Spanish personality... Best regards.
Ismael, read Don Quixote and you'll see what this chop is all about

Funny Tulips Garden in Front of a House

Tulips Garden in Front of a House
Member reactions:
good flip idea and it fits well. but the source of light from its sorrounding must match on the house.
dang, wish i lived there. that would be so sweet. awesome setting. good chop.
The lighting's a bit off on the pic but its a good job.

Funny 50 Dollar Tulip

50 Dollar Tulip
Took about 5 hours on this, hope you like it
Member reactions:
you said you took 5 hours on this tulips very well done . My only suggetion is , you may add some shadows under the wrapes.
Good dollar tulip. I'd increase contrast and shadows on it a bit more to increase volume feel.

Funny Newspaper Tulips in a Field

Newspaper Tulips in a Field
"Two-lip Service" A tribute to the written word. Please full view.
Member reactions:
excellent work... i tried to do that but then I remembered it was only my 2nd time using PS and I got lost
Excellent job. I really like it. good quality.
Oh baby. This is so wonderful. Great execution. I'd like to see the ladybug stuck to a tulip stem with a paperclip. HAHA.
That's just great. Very good warping here.
As many time as I looked at it today, I like it more and more

Funny Tulip Teacup

Tulip Teacup
Full View, Please.

Funny Tulip Lampshade

Tulip Lampshade
Member reactions:
get rid of that prism light filter thingy in the background and fix the masking on left side of tulip and this is an A+ chop
. This is very pretty. It would go good in my living room.

Funny Water Tulip Splash

Water Tulip Splash
Beauty is found everywhere. Full view for her pleasure....

Funny Wind Turbine in Monet Tulip Field

Wind Turbine in Monet Tulip Field
Member reactions:
I can just imagine the sound of the fan turning
this would have been excellent IF the wind turbine had been shopped better.
great idea, i say this because i had the same one
Thnx all. Rarely, perhaps next time you'll get your's in 1st

Funny Woman Wearing a Tulip Hat

Woman Wearing a Tulip Hat
Member reactions:
you did a good job making the hat, you could have added a shawdow whcih would have added
Hat looks great, but some shading would be a much better image.
Hat needs some shadowing across the forehead to make it look more 'on' her head.

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