Supermoon Causes a Tsunami
Supermoon Causes a Tsunami
Supermoon Causes a Tsunami. Member reactions:
Shouldn't be the moon behind tsunami wave .
Hidden, if you aren't open to critiques, you shouldn't check the box when posting. LM offers good advice and does so with good intentions. It is a cheap shot to criticize his English.
Indeed, why get angry at LM for his English. We can all just be mute and not offer critiques, but aren't we here to learn from each other.
I am open to critiques, but if you look at the comments I have received from lucianomorelli most of them are NOT helpful critiques and I am forever trying to figure out what the New Jersey he is talking about. It was absolutely NOT a shot at his english. From what I could gather from his comment was that my art (which I liked and was very proud of) did not suit him. I saw absolutely no constructive critique in his comment whatsoever. But a shot at my work. Go ahead & look at his previous 'critiques' of my work & see if you do not agree. I have MANY non-english speaking people in my own family & also friends & you can ask any of them if I would make fun of someones english. His sentence made no sense to me & I have been trying & worrying about what it was he didn't like throughout the contest I have been going through a lot lately & he hit my last nerve. And did you even bother to look at my responses to his other comments before you judged me & decided that I was making fun of his english. I think NOT. I was responding to this one particular comment. Had he written it in another language & it didn't make sense I would have replied in the same way. No matter what the language the sentence has to make sense to be of any use. AND it was absolutely NONE of your business. If he had a problem with it I am quite sure he can speak for himself.
I read most, if not all comments, in the contests and the comments LM leaves on your chops are not different from comments he leaves on the chops of other members. It's true that some people don't like the critiques they get, but they do choose "please critique my entry option", plus critiques are meant to help members improve, not to hurt them. Your chops have variety of styles, and it's hard to guess them as yours at the time of voting. So I don't think he has any issues with your art - again compare his comments with the comments he leaves on other chops, and you will see no difference. This particular comment - the simple English mistake here was the order of the words - nothing more. Change the position of "be" and the sentence makes perfect sense "Shouldn't the moon be behind tsunami wave.". I do have to admit this is a reasonable critique - putting the moon behind the tsunami wave would actually make this chop more real and impressive. And I don't understand why, all of a sudden, you get angry at me and pacovolla for commenting. You are a good member and we value your works and company at FN, but there's no need to get mad at LM, pacovilla, or me for our comments - none of us mean any harm.
I did not say his comments on mine were different from his comments on others. Just that most of the time they are not helpful critiques but strange comments that I cannot figure out. And I did not get that the wave should be somewhere else & the moon IS behind the wave. But whatever. It was a fantasy chop & the moon is never that big so the positioning should be my choice. What I am mad about is the assumption that I was making fun of his English when I was NOT. Like I said, in any language the sentence needs to make sense in order to be useful. Until just now I did not know that he meant that I should put the moon behind the wave. Had I known that, my response would have been that the moon IS behind the wave. My problem was not with lucianomorelli but with his comment. NOW that you guys have interpreted my comment into meaning something that was not meant I probably do.

Funny Tsunami Heading For the White House

Tsunami Heading For the White House

Funny Shark Tsunami

Shark Tsunami
Member reactions:
Decent dynamic composition chop here. I think this would easily grab a trophy if entered in the Cessna contest. Since you have less than 5 gold trophies at FN, you are more than welcome to enter apprentice contests too, in addition to the advanced ones.
Right on, good advice Newsey. She's got a lot of bases covered and composition is one. This has an outrageous perspective, way cool. But you're running into that source size selection again. I'll tell ya what, just fo fun on the next chop. Avoid contrast and sharpening to do the work. Pick alike grain-density photos to combine and concentrate on cropping razor clean edges. Baby steps you are on your way.
Thanks for the compliments balodiya and Newsmaster. Also, I somehow miscalculated the deadline for the Cessna contest, hence why I instead entered it into the Freak Show contest. But will enter the next apprentice contest next time when you have one.
Hi Hitmaster, I had this one already completed before I read your post about hi rez images ... I'm currently working on a new image for another contest and am diligently following your excellent suggestions. Thanks again for your tips on that.
, Anytime we can help. Got cha on the previous work Part of the game is to share the knowledge. The ones that shoot up through the ranks here are the ones that take constructive criticism very well or at least listens. You can be butthurt and still benifit and it helps if one loves the craft and demands excellence of self. I try not to open my trap too much but in the case of new choppers, I'll step in if I see artistic promise. It's just the teacher in me. I was an instructor for a while. Those were some of the most rewarding years of my life. I should have stuck with it. You hear art teachers are nothing but failed artists... that is of course total BS. But I'm the opposite, a failed teacher that is an artist Happy New Year
No question about it, new choppers are very lucky that you're around to give us some tips, especially from one of the top performers here. Thanks again for all of your help and I'm keeping all of your suggestions on my desktop just to have them handy.
Very funny... ha,ha. (someone tampered with my above post but I changed it back).

Funny Tsunami in Mexico

Tsunami in Mexico
Original Picture
Member reactions:
Great job done rain effects and big waves from sea.... makes me to think of Dec 21, 2012 is fast approaching

Funny Beer Tsunami

Beer Tsunami
Member reactions:
I agree with you,Disasterman111 . Thank you AzureSky,Kellie .
Marvelous ... a big wave of beer I need a full jar of beer wonderful job done like this entry
Tsunami which everyone beer lover like to come often
Freaking excellent image, a true screen saver.

Funny Boy in Front of Tsunami

Boy in Front of Tsunami
Tsunami.. and the kid think it's funny.
Member reactions:
Great the chair came back this time with Kid well done

Funny Barack Obama Kite Surfing Tsunami at White House

Barack Obama Kite Surfing Tsunami at White House

Funny Woman Dreaming of Japanese Tsunami

Woman Dreaming of Japanese Tsunami
Member reactions:
More like wet nightmares-cold sweat-shaking-hallucinations, etc. Fantastic chop.
Just a freaking fantastic job. Is this a blonde Asian woman. And she couldn't afford a newer television. Bwahahahahah.
haha...thanks to all. Geriatric..the name was idea of my friend..haha Pcrdds..Yes she is blonde...haha..and the TV i dont know... Thans Balodiya and all.
nice job, and the Editing made it even Better .
my favor one Congrats on the bronze DMC ... keep going
Krrish thaks.... RICKY thank you, congratulations to you, very job your job, i like all that colors and smoke haha..excelent your job..congrats on your gold.
Thank you So much impresed by the things that u really happy because u like my work...and u have too much talent...thanks again.

Funny Japan's Naoto Kan Surfing Tsunami

Japan's Naoto Kan Surfing Tsunami
Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan visits earthquake, tsunami zone Source
Member reactions:
Not a good day in Japan for anyone. Good work.
Simple Classic Work. I would like to add some some floating to the skateboard too.
thanx guys, krrish thanx for the tip
www , the way you laid this out is smooth , great job ...
This rocks on so many levels. You rawk, hidden.
Congrats on the win Salis. Be careful with that gold, it might be radioactive.
Hahahaha, This is yours :O . Sorry for the tip. Congrats S.
Nice work Salis.....thanks for killing my dreams again. HA HA.
Cowabunga Fukushima dudes. Congrats Salis
Krrish : ur tip was right and I took it, no sorries budy Rainman: u got that right thanx alot folks for votes and comments
Great one . i really like ur style salis simple but perfect . luv this one .. keep going

Funny Japan Tsunami Victim Rescued at Sea

Japan Tsunami Victim Rescued at Sea
Tsunami victim is rescued TEN MILES out to sea Read more:
Member reactions:
great job deaddog.,, amazing story too...
Thanks Newsy. Too bad he lost his wife tho.
Cool work, beautiful done Congrats on the cup DD.

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