TSA Hires People On Terrorist Watch List
TSA Hires People On Terrorist Watch List
TSA Hires People On Terrorist Watch List. The TSA hires potential terrorists There ARE known terrorists.
Member reactions:
Typical government crap... Remember Project Paperclip.

Funny Woman Opt Out Screening For TSA Pat Down

Woman Opt Out Screening For TSA Pat Down
What Heavy Metal artists can do when they retire. It's better than a Wal-Mart greeter. Sorry I couldn't fit more into picture but at least some greats appear : Ozzie Osborne, Tommy Lee, Slash and Dee Snider. Stevie Nicks is getting scanned and I just had to include a grumpy Bob Dylan in the background.

Funny TSA at an Airline Crash Site

TSA at an Airline Crash Site
Government instantly responds to crash
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Nice way to build up of events together near the crash site TSA doing the good job
Nice one. Should have shown the emergency vehicle running over the girl, too (groan).

Funny Donald Rumsfeld Gets a TSA Pat Down

Donald Rumsfeld Gets a TSA Pat Down
Rumsfeld gets TSA pat down at O'Hare airport
Member reactions:
Oh my goodness..... Really didn't need those visuals before bed......I'll have nightmares now
What a body has Rumsfeld. Lol, crazy chop
Thanks, mac. Sorry about the nightmares. Just be glad I didn't use my own face.
Thanks, Sunshin3. Yes, great body on Rumsfeld, huh. .
, I did'nt know Rumsfeld was a cross-dresser ....
"Feels like a cavity obstruction-is there a Doctor in the House.." I feel as though I need a shower after this chop.
geriatric...be careful not to drop the soap.
As always, you have that Funny/Cool chop style. Another Winner.
This is really funny, , wonderful thought good work
I'll have whatever psmandrake is drinking
I think PSMandrake might need a pat down.
PSMandrake...Why express this scientific babble here and not in a forum.
Oh my God, I can't stop laughing. Very funny entry and well executed.
PSMandrake...That's okay...just very confusing as to why it was here.
Hahaha, that will teach that old man. or old lady, judging by the stuff he's wearing.
Great chop and some entertaining reading here
Thanks, Newsy. You too can have those undergarments which will soon be available in the FN Store.
Great sense of humor. Congrats on the gold
ol pcrdds ,, very funny... nice work too.
i guess i had better keep it short or i will be vilified by the viewing audience.Okay-Congratulations Dr. Chuckles. You are the funniest Photoshopper at this site.
Congrats on da gold, Paul. I'd cover Rumsfeld a tad more though, otherwise this might give a heart attack to some visitors.
Rummy is nicely covered now. Thanks for the edit.
Newsy...my pleasure.

Funny Barack Obama TSA Security

Barack Obama TSA Security
Source news: TSA Security Staff singled her out for her br........

Funny Clay Aiken, T.S.A. Agent

Clay Aiken, T.S.A. Agent
Congressman Barney Frank prepares to go through airport screening.
Member reactions:
OMG he got it all there o_0 Excellently chopped.
Man, what an ARSEnal of screening tools. Excellent chopping.
Thanks, Newsy. "ARSEnal" Bwahahahah. Glad you liked it.
Congrats on the silver.. Great chop, everything is blended perfect
cool work and congrats on the silver mate
Silver congrats, pcrdds. P.S. Now I made you laugh for once
Thanks, RW, salis, Newsy, Kratos and Sunshin3.
Excellent as usual,Congrads on another trophy

Funny New TSA Airport Screening

New TSA Airport Screening
Please view full for details.
Member reactions:
. The heap of things left behind is just hilarious. the huge Vaseline bottle in the guard's pocket. Very timely news related chop.
Thanks, Newsy. I'm glad I can make you laugh. It's 55 layers...and one rooster.
hahah the rooster. The more detailed answer is probably: 55 layers, one rooster, and a bottle of Vaseline.
Okay, now YOU got ME to laugh. Vaseline. Bwhahahah.
Truely funny schitck and worthy of the Header pic
And now it's all the rage...don't touch me junk. Great job

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger TSA Body Scanner

Arnold Schwarzenegger TSA Body Scanner
Member reactions:
oh oh, You've got competition my friend. Love the chop by the way.
Thanx guys, and yes, you're right jere, joe's very talented.
Silver terminator for funkster. Congratulations.
Quality and Quantity is the 'Master's' motto. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S ..
Yeah, great minds think alike eh. I struggled trying to find a decent pic of Sarah Connor for my pic. Well done
thats Awesome work teacher ... I totally agree with Joy congrats on the silver and keep up your fantastic works
Great work funkwood. Awesome work. Congrats friend

Funny TSA Approved Garments

TSA Approved Garments
What's next in air travel. Why the new TSA Approved Garments shown above. Simply undress and punch out the new TSA Approved garments. Based on the new TSA regulations due to increased terror threats worldwide. Base on TSA Releases List of Items Not Allowed on Planes
Member reactions:
Taking about increased airline security - all clothes were confiscated to prevent attacks. Now who will protect from heart attack from looking at all these bodies.

Funny Hamas TSA

Hamas TSA
Get in line.
Member reactions:
Well done, Large project here. Very busy image with a lot to look at, possibly would score better if you concentrated on a location. I don't see this as a negative, just my experience in contests such as this.
Whatever you do don't scream Hi and my name when I meet you at the airport tonight,things have changed alot lately... OK Jack..
What a Bomber the waits enough to kill ya.
great entry, but the cartoons were Danish, not Dutch.
They say black masks are back in style...
Very nice entry. It is a bit busy but I think it still looks good.

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