Trust Me...
Trust Me...
Trust Me.... Member reactions:
Outstanding pro work, LunaC. Should have went much higher...

Funny Trust Me

Trust Me
You can trust him...he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
Member reactions:
Oops. Can't believe I did that. Click "unresized" to view corrected version.
great expesssion

Funny Trust Me I'm A Liar

Trust Me I'm A Liar
New TV Show, tune in to see who the Liar is today.

Funny In Coal We Trust

In Coal We Trust
Let's get ready to burn some coal. *cough cough*
Member reactions:
Like picture, but it has to be Al Gore in the Mask
Thanks Wanderer, but Trump is promoting to use more coal plants. That's why he wears the button "In Coal we Trust"
One of my faves, Steve. Quality Work, trophy material for sure...
Where the heck is my comment....... This is excellent..

Funny in fowl we trust

in fowl we trust
Member reactions:
This is a great idea, and away from the caricatures.

Funny TrusTed


Funny Trust Obama with Your Life

Trust Obama with Your Life

Funny George Bush's Trusted Advisor

George Bush's Trusted Advisor

Funny In Google We Trust Coin

In Google We Trust Coin
Member reactions:
So subtle that it just might be true. Great job.
Following the release of "10 search commandments"
Nice work with blending/matching the txt.

Funny Trust Me

Trust Me
Bush wants to turn over U. S. ports to "our buddies." Hey, maybe he's a Shriner.
Member reactions:
Lame Ducks retains Oil even when their feathers get ruffled...
Looks like liberty is gonna split this guys head in two.
Pour a little oil on it, That should ease the prosses.
Hey, can you spare some ports for poor Saudis. We don't see why not...
Love the work you did on the statue, that alone would make a beautiful entry. Very flat figures in the forground really take away from the overall image.
My name is George Bush, and I'm a gasoholic
Superb conceptually- and extremely timely, as any good chop on this site should be. Quick tip for hair- don worry about preserving all the strands, it ends up driving you crazy and looking dodgy... instead get the major hairs you can, and mask out the thin ones, then apply the layer mask, zoom in, then using a fairly strong one pixel, hard smudge tool pull out new detail hairs, it will look much cleaner
Great job with the statue but I think some more time could have been done on blending the "Buddies".
I admit, I did get a little careless this time. I'd already made the "Sharia Statue of Liberty" (not published though). The rest was just an after thought to make the pic more timely.

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