Elephant with a Trumpet Trunk by Dali
Elephant with a Trumpet Trunk by Dali
Elephant with a Trumpet Trunk by Dali. It's a dark image, so best to view it in original viewing mode, because a white background make the image appear darker and original view has a grey background. Also because of the image format it is best to view it that way. Hope it's not to dark and hopefully it is still Daliesk enough. I based the elephant on this image. The rest just went from there.
Member reactions:
When it comes to viewing this one, folks, go natural, go original Very impressive work. It was quite a challenge to construct Dali-like composition using photos rather that art, but you completed the challenge with flying colors (and even with elephant salute).
This is great,you best to go full and see the quality of the work
Thanks Pree.
Clever mind thinking and perfect execution.
Wood for Jere. I hear the elephant trumpet. Congrats.

Funny Elephant Fish with a Long Trunk

Elephant Fish with a Long Trunk
Member reactions:
this one is perfectly blended looks real and well colored texture for the whole image

Funny Woman Camouflaged on a Tree Trunk

Woman Camouflaged on a Tree Trunk
Member reactions:
Great and fantastic work displayed nice image with a chameleon style work its changes color to its background
Good work with the ladies skin, I like her hair..
Very Clever and very interesting work done like it

Funny Vladimir Putin with an Elephants Trunk

Vladimir Putin with an Elephants Trunk
Member reactions:
The girls are gonna love him. Great chop.
Hilarity factor: super high. Mr. Black.

Funny Chimp with a Trunk

Chimp with a Trunk
Member reactions:
Looks u have created a new creature on the earth great job
Great real blending, congrats on the wood

Funny Elephant with Saxophone Trunk

Elephant with Saxophone Trunk

Funny Elton John wih an Elephant Trunk Nose

Elton John wih an Elephant Trunk Nose
Member reactions:
Great concept, but some shadow behind the trunk is needed. Also trunk looks a bit transparent somehow. - I can see part of the face layer through it.
I agree, a little transparent around the chin area, Elton always likes such things on his face from what I hear.
very nice color match, one of the best.... just asking... why not ears.
Great entry...but I would've made a little bit of shadow under his trunk or nose..to make it more natural looking, but good one none the less.

Funny Elephant with a Hand at the End of it's Trunk

Elephant with a Hand at the End of it's Trunk
Member reactions:
fantastic idea. imo the source pic is a bit too blurry.
I agree with franky. Blurry source makes it harder to do the hand more realistic too.

Funny Kissing Tree Trunk

Kissing Tree Trunk
Member reactions:
0rgyanically grown.
Not sure what bosai means but nice work on the picture. It would look much better with something other than a drab gray background.
very well idea. but as a wholepicture the cloning are still obviously seen.(trunks and leaves).
I love the tree base. But I agree it'd look just that much more awesome with a background, a sky maybe, or table or something.
I agree with the above commenters. Not sure if the blurness of the leaves and brachnes was in the source picture, or was left from masking and blending. Overall, still a decent work and a deserved trophy.

Funny Elephant Tree Trunk

Elephant Tree Trunk
Have you ever seen a tree with 2 trunks before. Thanks to outrequin at sxc for the inspiring image. Original
Member reactions:
The blending is done with skills. However the branch seems almost as heavy and the stem trunk. Could be a good idea to try and intergare elephant head in the tree stem instead.

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