Trumpster. Member reactions:
Well, there is one thing Trump as a Rooster is going to do, "Wake People Up". Darn good chop, very cute.
That he sure will. I am not quite done with this, needs some tuning but wanted to get it in a slot as I have no idea if I will be back from the doc in time. Thanks for the compliment
You are very welcome, he is so cute, good luck at the Doc.
Low part of his head is a perfect blending.
Congrats on the win, Love it, hope everything at the Doc went well.
Thank you my friends. There are quite a few really good ones in the contest.
Thanks Armatien and wander. Hobbit, right peeper is well on the mend. Still fuzzy but the split vision was fixed. Tomorrow I get pre op consult with the neurosurgeon. By the end of all these operations I'll be the Six Million Dollar Man or a mutant addicted to pain killers hahahaha.

Funny The Trumpster

The Trumpster
Mrs Clinton. Bernie won't leave me alone.
Member reactions:
Out of the park, chopping. Superb even. Congrats on the white gold cup my man... I did not think I stood a chance
Yep, just as awesome the on the second day.

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