Putin Trump
Putin Trump
Putin Trump. Member reactions:
Congrads on the Wood, excellent
Congrats, Loth. Why everybody can see Putin in Marriage only as woman.

Funny Trump Can

Trump Can
Now we know why, Schumer was worried about his Old Friend Putin, they were Lovers.
Member reactions:
Place would be higher if Putin was woman.
Place would be higher if Putin was a woman.

Funny Usa Russia liasons before Trump

Usa Russia liasons before Trump
obama and medvedev

Funny Spider Trump

 Spider Trump
Member reactions:
So many good chops. I like this one a lot.
You could have put a russian flag on the spider and a microphone listening device...

Funny Sitting Pretty Queen Trump

Sitting Pretty Queen Trump
Member reactions:
Great work ... What about making the hands smaller since he's known for having tiny ones . . . that would be a nice extra touch .
Beautiful idea. I'll see if I can get out of traffic in time to edit.
Great edit work, Hidden . . . LMFREAKINGAO
Hahaha....if things dont work out in the USA there is always a position for him in the UK
Gold Congrats, OllieR. A lot of good pictures.
Grats OllieR, he makes a perfect bitter old woman.
Excellent blend always a fun source. congrats Oliie
Thanks so much for the suggestion, Qtrmoonshop.
Thanks so much for the congrats, everybody. I'm excited for my first gold.
Holy cow, Abigail. Congrats on the gold. Great job
Congrats on your first Gold, OllieR . . . You're welcome, in regard to the suggestion . . . I really did have a sustained hearty laugh when I returned to see the edit. It was already great overall work, and you did a wonderful job with the editing.

Funny Bill Clinton Thinks Queen Trump is Hot

Bill Clinton Thinks Queen Trump is Hot

Funny Queen Trump

Queen Trump

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Member reactions:
Funny stuff....Just a few corrections:Spelling of ILLEGAL
Sorry It's being Blind working in the Dark

Funny Trump The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Trump The Hurdy Gurdy Man
Source painting by Hippolytus Lipinski
Member reactions:
Thank you Eduenrojas, that was very kind.
Great Artwork, Champ. I can feel President Donald's fury.
Thank you kindly SplatS. Truthfully though, I never could get a handle on this one. Was never really satisfied with it. Especially after seeing all the masterpieces entered. But I did get some awesome comments on it, FreakMaster, Eduen, Kellie, and SplatS, Thanks again.
As a piece of art that stands alone, it is pretty inventive. There wasn't anything in the rules that said you couldn't blend out the details from the original. I have done that a bunch of times, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You got it to work as an entirely new piece and the expression is so freaking unflattering it is hilarious Sorry I am late commenting... I am late for everything.
Hey better late than never, and I thank you for the Words of Wisdom Hits. Appreciated, always good stuff. Looking back though I would have kept the details , much more interesting. The expression was actually a pic of a Trump Hissy-Fit , that I imagined a good “getting into his music jammin' look” not

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump
By Topalski
Member reactions:
A real piece of Art, in the awesome style of LeRoy Neiman
It is a bit like Leroy. Curious Thanks all

Funny Trump Movies

Trump Movies
Last October we've put Donald Trump into famous horror movies. Perhaps it's time to have him try wider roles - in comedy, suspense, or even romantic movies? Photoshop Donald Trump into any famous movies. Remember to keep your entries safe for work. Many thanks to Ilovelayers for the themepost.

Funny Donald Trump in Horror Movies

Donald Trump in Horror Movies
It's almost Halloween and many people will be dressed up as... Donald Trump this Holiday. He turned the GOP presidential race into a carnival, and is making headlines like never before, so it's only natural that he inspired "the Donald" Halloween costumes. Let's put Donald Trump into any famous horror movies. Many thanks to Marksdesign for the themepost.

Funny Donald Trump with Bald Eagle

Donald Trump with Bald Eagle
In today's stock contest we have a photo of two bald eagles Donald Trump posing with his bald eagle called Uncle Sam. The photo shoot was done for Time magazine in Trump's Manhattan office overlooking Central Park. Photoshop this photo of Donald Trump and his bald eagle any way you wish.

Funny Donald Trump 2016

Donald Trump 2016
How's this for Tuesday news - Donald Trump is running for president. Announcing his candidacy in the atrium of Trump Tower, Donald said that only someone really rich like himself could restore the American economy to its past glory and give everyone the prosperous country they always wanted. In 2000 and 2012 he spoke about seeking the White House but quickly abandoned the idea in both elections. Is he for real this time? Photoshop anything related to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign or his future possible presidency.

Funny Donald Trump vs Rosie O'Donnell

Donald Trump vs Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O'Donnell - Donald Trump saga goes on. Rosie said that Donald is unjust and only gave Miss USA a second chance because she's a slim hot chick, and any other girl caught barhopping and making out with girls would not get such chance from Donald. Trump replied that if it was a fat ugly chick caught barhopping and behaving like a lesbian in public, she would have a higher chance of getting her own TV show than becoming Miss USA. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to the Donald Trump - Rosie O'Donnell war. E.g. show how they will try to hurt each other next, or who will ultimately win this fight.

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