Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Member reactions:
Funny stuff....Just a few corrections:Spelling of ILLEGAL
Sorry It's being Blind working in the Dark

Funny Trump The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Trump The Hurdy Gurdy Man
Source painting by Hippolytus Lipinski
Member reactions:
Thank you Eduenrojas, that was very kind.
Great Artwork, Champ. I can feel President Donald's fury.
Thank you kindly SplatS. Truthfully though, I never could get a handle on this one. Was never really satisfied with it. Especially after seeing all the masterpieces entered. But I did get some awesome comments on it, FreakMaster, Eduen, Kellie, and SplatS, Thanks again.
As a piece of art that stands alone, it is pretty inventive. There wasn't anything in the rules that said you couldn't blend out the details from the original. I have done that a bunch of times, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You got it to work as an entirely new piece and the expression is so freaking unflattering it is hilarious Sorry I am late commenting... I am late for everything.
Hey better late than never, and I thank you for the Words of Wisdom Hits. Appreciated, always good stuff. Looking back though I would have kept the details , much more interesting. The expression was actually a pic of a Trump Hissy-Fit , that I imagined a good “getting into his music jammin' look” not

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump
By Topalski
Member reactions:
A real piece of Art, in the awesome style of LeRoy Neiman
It is a bit like Leroy. Curious Thanks all

Funny Donald John Trump

Donald John Trump
Member reactions:
Besides the signing of the decrees, what does he know how to do.
He knows how to undo all the screw ups from the last guy.

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Member reactions:
Trump will want this one for his office....excellent work.
I enjoyed the contest adding reflection and brush strokes Thanks guys.
Congrats preemie excellent 😎👍🏼
Great Image and very well executed Pree. Congrats.
Congrats Kerri. Beautiful sourcing and excellent color control. It's clean and enough done, pro work as usual. A minor technical stickler is I would have layered in some background canvas sampling but apparently that was not a criteria as I did that to mine and they still went splat.
U showed how it's done Pree, congrats on Gold.
Hits I had a little texture added im not big on to much canvas filter,, or any filter for that matter.Only a touch...

Funny Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Franz Kruger Portrait of Pavel Kiselyov 1851
Member reactions:
The blade has the same hair looking, ha ha ha

Funny George Washington Trump

George Washington Trump
Member reactions:
Amazing how he really fits into this portrait of Washington.

Funny King Trump

King Trump
Source : The King George III by by Sir William Beechey

Funny Trump Rides the Bomb

Trump Rides the Bomb
When I think of bombs dropping I always think of Slim Pickens. This is an updated version with the Donald. Trump Drops the Mother of All Bombs
Member reactions:
hahhahahahaha, love it... Well done... Love Willie Coyote with the Uh OH... So funny..
Excellent. Nice find on the MOAB source also
Thanks deaddog. I had to repaint part of the bomb to remove the original reflections and rebuild those waffle fins in the back.
Yippie Kay Yay, Mudder Focker.
A real gem. Congrats on the cup... I love the theme LMFAO
Yeee Haaa. Quality concept and execution. Congrats Steve 👍🏼

Funny Trump Thumps Islam...

Trump Thumps Islam...
Afghanistan Tunnels Targeted
Member reactions:
That's dome dark humor Works for me. I love how he can't decide

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