Trump. A Miss Universe Insulted by Trump Steps up for Clinton

Funny Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Member reactions:
Haha, Man you really got that rug flying Great job and texture matches nicely.
Excellent. The long hair does not belong though
Thanks for the compliment. I sort of thought the exaggerated hair was the point of the whole gag.

Funny Trump Visits La

Trump Visits La
Member reactions:
It finally dawned on me what the story is suppose to be. Great job hidden.
That was a bit strange. The link was removed and another one put in its place. The press plays games by misdirection sometimes. Thanks for the tip DD
Thanks Andrew, Rob, Bob, Luciano, Crafty and DD.

Funny Trump Meltdown

Trump Meltdown
Trumps meltdown may be no accident
Member reactions:
Brilliant. I thought I already left a comment. Hmmm, brain phart I guess. Congrats on the wood.
Grats Steve, makes me want to wipe his face for him. Lol
, thanks deaddog. I felt the same way when I originally had his nose dripping so I changed it back to normal.

Funny Trump is Golden!

Trump is Golden!
Fun at the Olympic Games for the Donald and the ladies.
Member reactions:
Funny how some people's art work gets pulled and others don't
This fits the theme of adding/merging two sports.
Umm , It says change any Olympic sport anyway you wish...
Make America Great Again is what makes this funny.
tgiles: Please read the directions properly next time, it also says "merging two sports" which is quite obviously what is going on here. Roman rings/gymnastics.

Funny Trump Art

Trump Art
Melbourne graffiti artist sprays burqa over provocative Hillary Clinton mural

Funny Trump Endorses Ryan

Trump Endorses Ryan
News Source
Member reactions:
I thought this might be one of yours, Love it, Fantastic Chop, Congrats.
Great face work on this spinner, both chops actually

Funny The Trump Wall

The Trump Wall
How Trump Plans To Build And Pay For A Wall Along U.S.-Mexico Border
Member reactions:
HAHAHAHA. Trump's wall would be burrowed under in 5...4...3...2...1...

Funny Primate's For Trump

Primate's For Trump
Hillary Snake - Elizabeth Warren Primate
Member reactions:
Great Image, Hobbit. Trophy Material for Sure.

Funny Ginsburg vs Trump in the War of Words

Ginsburg vs Trump in the War of Words
Crossing the Line
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver Cup,excellent chop, u did good.
Great tooning, UC. Grats on the silver too. One of the last judges must have snuck you past me -cause last I looked I was in the silver spot. Booo hooo
Thank you, Preemie Lucian, Bob, Gummy and HoHouse, I appreciate it. Thanks Hits, I put an enormous anount of work in it, an anytime I can sneak by you is a huge accomplishment. Thanks for the nice compliment, Wanderer.
Well the enormous work payed off I love the style and mood of the work .I mostly love clean work like this Great job. Congrats .
I thank you for that wonderful compliment, Pree.. You made my day
Thanks Jeff, appreciated. The cleanness of your work is amazing.

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