Pamela Anderson Justin Trudeau
Pamela Anderson Justin Trudeau
Pamela Anderson Justin Trudeau . Oh Canada.
Member reactions:
Cute, but his head is badly cut out (feathering by a couple pixels might help).
Gold Congrats. Perfect match, they look great together. Awesome Trudeau Hairdeau.
Congrats on the Gold, HH. Pamela looks great. And I think the bear likes her too. : -->

Funny trudeau the amazing spiderman

trudeau the amazing spiderman
used about 20 renders on this and alot of paint
Member reactions:
You know, I didn't know how to judge this one with comic book art and realism. Notice I did the same thing on the Jenner chop. And I had absolutely no idea how to vote for that one either. Glad I didn't have to. I think it is cool mixing the two. I have done it before with Obama and Superman but amped up the reality factor on the comic are and pulled down the realism to match in the middle. Took a New Jersey of a lot of work, so I'm not inclined to do it very often. This is really good work for crossing mediums. We should do more, it's challenging. Anyway Top 5 kudos, this could have easily scored a cup Cheers

Funny Justin Trudeau Caricature

Justin Trudeau Caricature
with all the negative attack ads in Canada flying about I thought I would make a movie poster to depict some of the silliness about it. Please enjoy in Hd.
Member reactions:
Awesome entry.... the Iron Man attaire and the political bigwigs were creating a humorous scene of political wars good one
Good tosee the 3D Effect Iron man Costume looks great
Lots of work, nice job, "hidden" .. nice caricature work, the shadow under his left eye makes it look like a black eye or maybe that was intentional.
Congratulations robinbobin. Silver... ; )
Canadian wonder strikes again. Congrats on the silver, robin.

Funny Justin Trudeau Superhero Attacking Stephen Harper

Justin Trudeau Superhero Attacking Stephen Harper
for anyone out there who is not canadian, justin trudeau is running for the office of the liberal leadership. He stands a good chance of winning due to his namesake. And the baddie is stephen harper.please enjoy in hd
Member reactions:
Good Work. You're right about King Stephen being a baddie.
Excellent caricature and nice detailing of the sharp images.... He is getting the blessing from that old man good use of flash light
Best placement of all together with super work you are the super hero hidden
Amazing work, rb. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Pierre Trudeau and Jean Cretien Playing Hockey

Pierre Trudeau and Jean Cretien Playing Hockey
suppose to be Pierre Trudeau, and Jean Cretien, 2 of Canadas Prime ministers. Trudeau died several years back but Chretien is still around,that ole crook.
Member reactions:
....thanks ricky....its because of you that I am trying to improve on my caricatures. I still have alot to learn.
More Canadian humor. Love it..... and Seal sticking his head through the ice...
Outstanding , love everything about this ....
Robin lots of goodies,, i love the crack in the ice... congrats on a great image
As a Canadian i'm not big on you either or these fools, but you really nailed them.....and i like that. GREAT WORK.
thank you deaddog,geriatric,black ... ,pree,and thank you oldman
Bronze Congrats robinbobin . . . Great chop, love the dramatic lighting and the perspective lots of great details nice touch with Seal

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