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Funny Troy Pictures

Rick Perry and Troy Davis in the Electric ChairFunny Rick Perry and Troy Davis in the Electric Chair
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Breslin: Rick Perry's record has a Troy Davis story, or two
Thank you very much for the comment-D-MAN.

Troy Movie Fighting with Combs and ScissorsFunny Troy Movie Fighting with Combs and Scissors
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Troy horseFunny Troy horse
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That is just an awesome chop, on many levels.

Helen Hunt of TroyFunny Helen Hunt of Troy
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This is truly beautiful. Did Helen of Troy wear diamond earrings.
She also uses lipstick, mascara and toothpaste nowadays Thanks All.
Cool concept... and congrats on the silver too, Mr. R.

TroyFunny Troy
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image original ou original
This is freaking awesome and great execution great work all the best
I thank to all of by the comments , that stimulates for new participations.. Junka

Tony Blair TroyFunny Tony Blair Troy
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Troy ballFunny Troy ball
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TV commercial: Got balls to play it. These guys do. Don't do trugs, do troyball.

Rupert TroyFunny Rupert Troy
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Member reactions:

He can't find a plug for the hair dryer...
Brilliant. Love the backwards saddle reference.

Gene TroyFunny Gene Troy
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From the expression of his face it looks like he got a kick in his balls

TroyFunny Troy - Photoshop "Troy" with the new cast members (celebrities), or design a sequel.

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