Russians Havinf Trouble With The Olympic Torch
Russians Havinf Trouble With The Olympic Torch
Russians Havinf Trouble With The Olympic Torch. Seems the Russians are having trouble keeping the Olympic torch lit.
Member reactions:
the tiny flame is a tad off it's mark, but it's still funny.
Some gun lighter flames are where this one is, misspix. Others come out the end of the barrel and some where the shells are ejected.
Russians can keep the torch but they afraid of its glow.... this chop makes me smile seeing the Obama's health...He definitely needs ObamaCare
Man, I saw the live footage of that.. this was sooo awkward and embarrassing. Great chop.
... and another woody too. Congrats again, woody-man.
Thanks, everyone. Yes...very embarrassing indeed, Newsy. Woody-Man strikes again.
That little dog is everywhere around the net. He's so cute. Fun chop, Doc. Wood for your trouble. Not bad

Funny Trouble at Trump University

Trouble at Trump University
Big trouble at Trump Uni this week Trump Unleashes
Member reactions:
He can wear the hat all the time and improve his looks Very nice work.

Funny Cliff Hanger in Trouble

Cliff Hanger in Trouble
Member reactions:
anybody can expect this could happen very funny ....

Funny Monet Bridge Over Troubled Water

Monet Bridge Over Troubled Water
Member reactions:
great idea BUT the rubbish neede to be painted better.
yeah, its obviously just a photo, also the perspective is off

Funny Dominique Strauss-Kahn In Trouble

Dominique Strauss-Kahn  In Trouble
Thank god Paul is on the Security Job , the maids should be safer ..... Dominique Strauss-Kahn Monitored Around the Clock
Member reactions:
Bwahahahah. How come I'm the only one with the huge head. .
You gotta huge head & the author reckons the Maids gonna be safer...yeh sure
Because your the only one with more brains then anyone else there ..... Thx Paul & Kellie .
Putting the fox in charge of the hen house again...
Disasterman. Look who's talking.
Everyone has a 24 hour rotation shift , your up next Disasterman ...
After 24 hours with Paul she should have nice teeth
. Who's the middle maid with the old face. Paul said: How come I'm the only one with the huge head. --------------------- Fact: Paul always wanted a little head.

Funny Ozzy Osbourne's Tax Trouble

Ozzy Osbourne's Tax Trouble
Source Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne owe more than $718,000 in unpaid taxes for the 2008 tax year and roughly $1 million in unpaid taxes for 2009, according to lien documents filed in the L.A. County Recorder's Office.
Member reactions:
What does this have to do with the contest instructions.
Pcrdds , i started off with another idea , but it turned out stupid so i decided to have the tax papers in ozzy's hand shredded (torn)in half . Thx rajeshstar for your words ....
i am not sure to fit this to the contest instruction. However well done.
Yea , i know Krrish , i had a hard time deciding ,, Grrrrr ... Thx for the comment anyway .
Its looks good, but little bit out of the topic given.
Congrats on the bronze Chili, I like the flying papers, cool work

Funny Tiger Woods in Trouble with Wife

Tiger Woods in Trouble with Wife
Tiger's swinging a big club.

Funny Reid and Joe Biden In Trouble

Reid and Joe Biden In Trouble
REID IN TROUBLE Please view large for detail
Member reactions:
Freaky indeed. Looks like a scene from the Reid's nightmare.
Yes indeed, Reid is losing popularity here in Nevada, especially now with unemployment rates so high in Las Vegas all we get is double talk about what he is doing for us Thanks Harry

Funny Wood Trouble

Wood Trouble
its a bother .. z
Member reactions:
Very nice job and great idea for this one, I see some minor masking issues along the sides of the of the it's body (white halo) and I would get rid of the human face and just leave the normal wooden face... Good Luck
thanx Hamid1976 , I dono what i was thinkin when i put tat one up ...the quality really sucked s...hopefully this is better )

Funny Frog Trouble

Frog Trouble

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