Trump Troll
Trump Troll
Trump Troll. Modern Family Exec Producer Delivers Ultimate Trump Troll
Member reactions:
Trump makes a Cute Troll and a Good President.
Amazing work of blending and matching the Troll Doll as well as the News Story.
My favorite of the contest. Missed the vote on this one. 8am comes early Lol. I liked the 4pm close
The real Trump Troll Dolls don't look this good

Funny Korean Troll, Kim Jong Un

Korean Troll, Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un
Member reactions:
Awesome work SplatS, makes the perfect Troll.
Thanks, Uncle-C. His father would be so proud.
Thanks, Gummy. The only thing I can think of is that it's too perfect and doesn't look like a build.

Funny No Trolling Traffic Sign

No Trolling Traffic Sign
Member reactions:
Laughing my ar5e off ... --> 'Children at Play' --> Car will be stolen Mind blowing work
Nice Sign post and funny too.... Like the No trolling one
yea ...i guess not everyone likes my sense of humor

Funny Troll Village in the Forest

Troll Village in the Forest
Member reactions:
Like the way the Troll village is being set up really amazing thought good job
Lovely work, totally freaked with the source, a best expected use of source here.. super like
Excellent. What this creatures are called as .

Funny Internet Troll in Basement

Internet Troll in Basement
Member reactions:
Very thing to always watch out for is text when you flip something. It's backwards on the back of the monitor.
thanx for the heads up...I looked it up and this is one of twenty monitors that came off the line backwards.
Great work, fantastic effects and very well chopped. Good luck
This really a wonderful job great to see the bigger head and expressive eyes, and very funny to see the hand marks over that Girl too hilarious
Very Interestig Concept. Half Bold and Nice hair style too excellentttt

Funny Nancy Pelosi Troll

Nancy Pelosi Troll
Member reactions:
Suchageek looks fabulous here. Nice Pelosi troll. Nice fairy tale feel in this composition. Not sure how it flies with the voters though - too many elements make it hard to grasp the main purpose of the composition. Pelosi also takes rather small physical space in this composition
Yeah, thanks for that sentiment, RW. This is one time when the voting guidelines seem like they were blatantly ignored by somebody(s).When you can count 20 or more cleanly placed sources, that is an automatic start at 7.0 just for the extra effort... per the guidelines. That is how I vote for everyone. I must say, I got pretty discouraged. Scores like that sure don't inspire me to chop more. Thanks for the input Vlad. Maybe so. It was just a fun, fantasy chop with the simple meaning that Pelosi is a troll in this context It was also a wee tribute to Suchag but she appears AWOL ha.

Funny Forest Troll

Forest Troll
Inspired by my favorite actor: john Malcovich... hope you like it
Member reactions:
wonderful work and really good integration
Quality work. I would decrease the brightness, and increase the contrast a tad. Consider giving it somewhat higher saturation too. I am a fan of Malcovich too.
NewsMaster... thanx for comment .. i thought so too ... i usually use high contrast... this time i didn't .. just for a change.. and i thank everybody for vetoing... regards...
Congrats on the silver salis2006, great job.
John looks like a sick puppy: Congratulations on a convincing and unnerving image.

Funny The Troll Award Digital Painting

The Troll Award Digital Painting
This is one of 3 awards I created when I joined a group in Flickr called FCU, the U is for uncensored and every restrictive rating was applicable to this group and as such some members exceeded gutter level and were duly awarded, the troll or sicko award.

Funny Tiny Troll Frog on a Mushroom

Tiny Troll Frog on a Mushroom
The Making of Tiny Troll
Member reactions:
Freaky for sure. Way to push the bounds... love the creativity.

Funny Framed Troll Meme Chrismas Present

Framed Troll Meme Chrismas Present

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