Trojan Man Mexican Food
Trojan Man Mexican Food
Trojan Man Mexican Food. I swear on my grandmother's grave that the cocada pudding was there when I found it. (Fixed from original. I don't know if it's good now, but it's good enough for a cocada joke)
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Thanks. I gotta fix this up a bit, though. I was in a massive rush after I made it and didn't have time to fix the issues with the missed shadowing and beveling on the lettering. Once that's done, I also think it's a classic (it won't do well, score-wise, but it will make people laugh, and that's really my only goal, so I win every time)
Ya, I know the score feeling. But this is a great idea. Very clever and WTF is Cocada pudding. Eww.
I have no idea whatsoever what it actually is (though my guess would be some sort of coconut/milk desert...the latins are crazy for this combo for some reason), but from this day forward, for me, it's Spanish for Vanilla Fudge.
Hahaha. Vanilla Fudge w/ the Trojan Man over it takes on new connotations. Double eww.
Not really...that's always what Vanilla Fudge meant.
You have worked hard on this since you posted it.
It wasn't hard...I switched the font, added a bevel and a drop shadow and made a quick, custom gradient. It was all of about 15 minutes of work. The program does most of it for you. lucky with the cocada pudding. I was originally going to do a Hungry Man Breakfast ('cause ya know...sausage and all) but then I saw this and the breakfast idea went out the window.
Good Job, the pudding and the title is wonderful to include in this stuff, good one to see "strong enough for a man" wanna to know Made for whom .
Thanks, but I missed the shadow under the red portion and the yellow/orange in the name isn't quite, that drop shadow is too large. It's OK, though...I was certainly done with it despite the mistakes.
Hmm cocada pudding, I must look up the recipe.
shake well before serving, in case those insrtuctions are omitted.

Funny Trojan Dog

Trojan Dog
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Oh that is so cool. The only problem is it would be hard for the men to hide inside. I like it for what it is though.
, that looks like a huge amount of effort. great effect though, awesome.
Rarely Thank you so much. Yeah, Lot of work on this
Thank you Bietjebianca Thank you rajeshstar
Congrats krrish. There is something GREAT in this picture .
Awesome work, wood congrats and keep it up.
Thank you very much Rajeshstar and Newsmaster. Though it is late, but its my humble reply to those who appreciated me.

Funny Trojan Cling Wrap

Trojan Cling Wrap

Funny Trojan Horse Made of Hay

Trojan Horse Made of Hay
THE TROJANS ARE COMING... Please view in Full

Funny Bill Clinton in Trojan Job Advert

Bill Clinton in Trojan Job Advert
Member reactions:
GREAT chop. Can't wait until Tuesday to call them.
The position of the head threw me off on this one. I dont know if the head is a bit big or if its just the angle.
Bill would make a great spokesman for TROJAN indeed. Competitive Compensation. Health Care and Oral Care included. Grumpy.

Funny Trojan Pinata

Trojan Pinata

Funny Paper Trojan Troy Horse

Paper Trojan Troy Horse
Member reactions:
That is just an awesome chop, on many levels.

Funny Buy TROJANS Poster

Buy TROJANS Poster
Poster Here

Funny Trojan Flies Fighting

Trojan Flies Fighting
Trojan Fly
Member reactions:
I wish the sword was sharper, otherwise quite good.

Funny Trojan Condoms Advertising on Eggs

Trojan Condoms Advertising on Eggs
How do you like them in the morning ... Unfertilised.

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