Bad Trip
Bad Trip
Bad Trip.

Funny Joda tripping

Joda tripping
Member reactions:
Classic. I really like how you did the badges too
Top 5 congrats. Really an excellent chop with great forethought.

Funny The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip
Member reactions:
Obama's thumb looks a bit weird (too pointy and long, thumbnail too small). Awesome job otherwise.
Congrats on the wood, Jim. Very news-related.

Funny Putins Fishing Trip

Putins Fishing Trip

Funny Giza Field Trip

Giza Field Trip
Zahi Hawass gives the country kids a guided tour of the Ancient Egyptian monuments.
Member reactions:
Thanks Elegary..

Funny Trip to South Africa

Trip to South Africa
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood, HoHouse. Great show of photoshop skills here.

Funny Hot Air Balloon trip to view Dinosaurs

Hot Air Balloon trip to view Dinosaurs

Funny End Of The Trip

End Of The Trip
End Of The Trip
Member reactions:
End of trip and End of life... good reflection

Funny Trip to The Moon

Trip to The Moon

Funny Daddy's Going on a Trip

Daddy's Going on a Trip
bc daddy has double indemnity, so if it looks like an accident....

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