One Way Trip To Mars
One Way Trip To Mars
One Way Trip To Mars. Finalists for the one-way trip to Mars have been chosen Maybe we'll get lucky and these two will be finalists.
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4 back to back. I thought this was good for a cup, it is so well done and totally in the PCRDDS stile

Funny Road Trip

Road Trip

Funny The Ultimate Trip For Joe

The Ultimate Trip For Joe
Name That Tune. R.I.P. Joe. Thanks for the tunes
Member reactions:
This is amazing All the color shades on his shirt looks great.
Fantastic. Great surreal feel to this composition. One of the top chops in this contest for sure. But One small nit-pick. You have some very noticeable blending errors under Joe's chin and neck line.
I agree with SplatShot. It seems he has a scan on the neck. It's a small retouch.
Thnk you all and Happy days. Not sure about the neck comments. As I recall that his neck was barely touched at all. I believe I just erassed what was there to fit the shirt If you refer to that crease... I think that is God's work
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Wild chopping.
TY Newsey and PJ. Nobody figured out the name of the song encoded in this chop. I am surprised..Hint: Sunday talks to Monday.
Gonna name that tune: "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" Congratulations on taking the Gold.

Funny The Guilt Trip Invasion of Crimea

The Guilt Trip Invasion of Crimea
Member reactions:
Obama's thumb looks a bit weird (too pointy and long, thumbnail too small). Awesome job otherwise.
Congrats on the wood, Jim. Very news-related.

Funny Vladimir Putin's Fishing Trip

Vladimir Putin's Fishing Trip

Funny Children's Giza Field Trip

Children's Giza Field Trip
Zahi Hawass gives the country kids a guided tour of the Ancient Egyptian monuments.
Member reactions:
Thanks Elegary..

Funny Daddy DayCare Road Trip

Daddy DayCare Road Trip
Member reactions:
I recognize some older sources
Even I can see some older sources... that crazy kid behind Obama looks funnier

Funny Hot Air Balloon Trip Back in Time

Hot Air Balloon Trip Back in Time

Funny Trip to The Moon

Trip to The Moon

Funny Daddy's Going on a Trip

Daddy's Going on a Trip
bc daddy has double indemnity, so if it looks like an accident....

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