Tribute To George Michael
Tribute To George Michael
Tribute To George Michael. Member reactions:
I likey but not sure what the rope symbolizes.
That looks like a worm necklace he's wearing.
Congrats on top 5, AndWhat.. Happy New Year.
Great Tribute..... Happy New Year and kudos on T5

Funny George Michael Tribute

George Michael Tribute
Member reactions:
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Happy New Year.
TY Crafty and Andrew, Happy New Year....

Funny George Kennedy Tribute

George Kennedy Tribute
Oscar-winner George Kennedy dies at 91

Funny Verdun Cenetary Tribute

Verdun Cenetary Tribute
France and Germany mark Battle of Verdun centenary
Member reactions:
Quality historic chop, though quite graphic to look at

Funny The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco Tribute

The Name of the Rose -  Umberto Eco Tribute
Umberto Eco, Author of 'The Name of the Rose,' Dead at 84
Member reactions:
Terrific tribute with style to a terrific writer

Funny Last Days and Time Earth Wind and Fire Tribute

Last Days and Time Earth Wind and Fire Tribute
Remembering Maurice White: Earth, Wind & Fire's Greatest Hits
Member reactions:
I remember a lot from my days working for their Engineer and the band. Beautiful music and a fitting Tribute.
Thanks geriatric. I loved all their double spread album covers on vinyl with all the symbolism. So glad I got see them live.

Funny Glen Frey of the Eagles Tribute

Glen Frey of the Eagles Tribute
Eagles Co-Founder Glenn Frey Dies at 67

Funny Alan Rickman as Snape Caricature Tribute

Alan Rickman as Snape Caricature Tribute
R.I.P. Snape
Member reactions:
darnit, there goes the streak. grats Tim.
Yeah, fancy that. I don't intend to win all of them but I can start a new streak if you like, Martijn. . Thanks Bob, Andrew, Jere, and Luciano.
Congrats on the Bronze, Hitman ^^ I like it

Funny The Legacy of David Bowie Tribute

The Legacy of David Bowie Tribute
I haven't stopped playing the gift that Bowie left us. His life work. I have a new deeper respect for Bowie's contribution to music and theatre. Thank you Mr Jones. R.I.P
Member reactions:
Thanks luciano and Agree Crafty. A spiraling Labyrinth of unique talent.
, a lot happenint in this one. Congrats and well done..
First top three finish whoop whoop. Thanks guys
Cheers magic Wand

Funny David Bowie Tribute in Space

David Bowie Tribute in Space

Funny Steve Jobs Tributes

Steve Jobs Tributes
Steve Jobs, who as Apple's founder and twice CEO revolutionized the use of computers, phones, and music players before popularizing digital tablets, died yesterday after a seven year battle with pancreatic cancer and related ailments. He was 56. Jobs built the world's most valuable technology company by creating devices that changed how people use electronics. So many people around the world saw the sad news on Steve Jobs while holding one of his products in their hands... To honor Steve Jobs, make tribute chops to the man who revolutionized the computer, phone, and music industries.

Funny Paul Newman Tribute

Paul Newman Tribute
Very sad news this morning - Paul Newman, movie idol, auto racer, veteran, humanitarian and philanthropist whose cool, rebellious charm made him one of the finest actors ever to grace the screen, died yesterday at his Connecticut farmhouse, after a long battle with cancer. Paul Newman may have been best known for his acting roles, such as Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy, but his heart was devoted to his wife, Joanne Woodward, through 50 years of marriage and by helping make the world a better place with the Newmanís Own Foundation, which has donated more than $250 million to charities worldwide. Many of us at Freaking News grew up watching Paul Newman movies and he will always stay part of our memories. His classic Hollywood smile will never fade from the big screen. We will miss you, Paul. To pay a tribute to Paul Newman, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples include - movies he could have played in, motivational posters with Paul, etc.

Funny Bernie Mac Tribute

Bernie Mac Tribute
American comedian and actor Bernie Mac has died this Saturday after the complications from pneumonia. The "Original King of Comedy" left this life too early, and "the world just got a little less funny" said George Clooney, who co-starred with Bernie Mac in the remake of Ocean's Eleven and its sequels. We will miss you, Bernie. To pay a tribute to a great comedian, Bernie Mac, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what Bernie Mac will do in heaven (or hell), what movies he could have played in, what alternative careers he could have chosen, immortalize him in paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Tim Russert Tribute

Tim Russert Tribute
Tim Russert, a political lifer and an icon of broadcast journalism, died of a heart attack this Friday in the midst of a presidential campaign he's been covering. Russert made a TV career out of his passion. He was both feared and liked in Washington. Russert died of a heart attack, collapsing at the network's Washington bureau. He was just 58. To pay tribute to Tim Russert, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Sydney Pollack Tribute

Sydney Pollack Tribute
Hollywood legend Sydney Pollack died of cancer at his Los Angeles home at the age of 73. Academy award winner Pollack will be remembered for his movies by millions of people who love them as well by numerous stars that worked with Pollack. Some of his most famous films are "Out of Africa," "Tootsie," "Absence of Malice," and "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" Unlike many other directors, Pollack was also a movie and television actor. Last fall, Pollack played law firm boss in "Michael Clayton," which he co-produced and received seven Oscar nominations. Hollywood will miss the Pollack's talent, and so will millions of fans worldwide, including us at Freaking News. To pay a tribute to Sydney Pollack, photoshop anything related to him - his movies, or Pollack himself any way you wish. Imagine what roles he could have played in his movies, photoshop Sydney in paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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