Star Trek Wedding
Star Trek Wedding
Star Trek Wedding.

Funny Star Trek Toasting Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek Toasting Leonard Nimoy
I missed the tribute contest to Leonard Nimoy. With the exception of Spock, every single person is constructed from multiple sources. Please view full and let me know what you think. (For those non Star Trek fans, all of the depicted actors in this scene have passed on. Including the show's creator Gene Roddenberry in the foreground.) Here's a work in progress.
Member reactions:
Captain Kirk should be in the Captain's chair, not Scotty.
All of the people in the image are dead. William Shatner is not.
Forgive my ignorance, who's the guy in the suit. What.. That hot Yoman is dead....
The guy in the suit is Gene Roddenberry, he created Star Trek. His wife played Nurse Chapel (standing behind Bones) along with the voice of the computer on all the Star Trek Series, along with Number One on the pilot episode, and along with Luaxana Troi, Deanna's Mother on Star Trek the Next Generation. I was trying to convey the feeling of old friends meeting again in the afterlife.
Great Work, it's a keeper,I almost remember the first shows, a long time ago.
Nice tribute, seen every episode, well done, and best off all... Spock with emotion.
And Paul......... Scotty did run the ship a few times when everyone else was on the away team
Super Tribute, Hidden. Masterfully Assembled.
Yeah, great tribute to all of them. Hard to believe it has been 50 years
Brilliant tribute, and I love the WIP. Choosing this as Picture of The Day
I also modified it after the close of the contest. Turns out the Yeoman on the right there.... is still alive.. However Spock's dad and Khan, are not. link
Grace Lee Whitney hasn't passed yet. She's still in the land of the Quick...

Funny Spock & The Star Trek Crew Old Photo

Spock & The Star Trek Crew Old Photo
Traveling in time, Spock and the original crew of the Starship Enterprise visit the 1880's Wild West and are captured on film.
Member reactions:
Love the retro angle you too here. Clever.

Funny Putin , Hollande and Merkel Aboard The Star Trek Enterprise

Putin , Hollande and Merkel Aboard The Star Trek Enterprise
Me thinks Vlad needs a new toupee. Looks like he should also lose that belly fat.
Member reactions:
Everyone is got the job. Very well placed
Oh no,,, Merkel has the red shirt. That means she will die before the episode is over.
Congrats on the gold, Paul - looks authentic.
I will share this one on facebook Congratz ... pcrdds
Thanks, Bob, Tim, Newsy and Armatien. And thanks for noticing the Klingon, Tim.

Funny Star Wars Aliens and Star Trek Collide

Star Wars Aliens and Star Trek Collide
In a crisis of galactic proportions who you gonna call. *Contributing to garner some constructive criticism from the experts.
Member reactions:
Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, of course. Great concept.
Welcome to the site, Invader. Impressive chopping, Sir.
The shady looking humanoid in the Millenium Tardis would be Spock from Star Trek.
I was referring to the figure in the actual phone booth at the left of your image in the background ...

Funny Barack Obama as Mr Spock in Star Trek

Barack Obama as Mr Spock in Star Trek
Just trying out some special effects at the expense of our fearless leaders.
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature. Is a new episode coming .
Congrats on the Bronze. You did a remarkable job. Obams eye treatment rocks and I love the ray gun burst effect. How'd you do that..
Kick azz work Luna,congrats on the bronze
Luna great stuff... congratulations on the bronze..

Funny J J Abrams Star Trek Caricature

J J Abrams Star Trek Caricature
Sources/URL --> JJ Abrams Fades Into Darkness for Star Trek 50th Anniversary Sequel MOVIE REVIEW: A stirring 'Star Trek Into Darkness' "Star Trek Into Darkness," Reviewed: Set Phasers For Stunning.
Member reactions:
Expresso looks to him is very well caricatured and background work is awesome
An Awesome movie and an awesome chop with great caricature done I dont see any darkness here Well illuminated stary sky with all the characters were well defined
Congratulations on the Bronze PSMandrake... ; )
Great chop. Would have won on the symmetrical faces contest too.
Amazing work, will cheer any Star Trek fans. Congrats on the bronze, Marco.

Funny Star Trek Millenium Falcon

Star Trek Millenium Falcon
a star wars parody
Member reactions:
Sensational piece of work. Great job Hid.
thanks guys when i last checked i was 7th so this is a very nice surprise

Funny Star Trek Alien Spaceship War

Star Trek Alien Spaceship War
please enjoy in hd
Member reactions:
Apocalypses in the space and well presented the star wars concept good one.... Well done
Wooden Congrats robin dynamic expression.
Impressive piece of sci-fi action, robin. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Star Trek Alien Bust

Star Trek Alien Bust
Member reactions:
Great turn of him as a statue... Looks like made of bronze good one

Funny If Star Trek Ruled

If Star Trek Ruled
46 years ago, an entirely new kind of intense fandom was kicked off with the premiere of the original Star Trek TV series. Google celebrated it in the way it usually does, with a Google Doodle on the homepage past Saturday. Let's celebrate the 46th anniversary of the Star Trek TV series by giving the Star Trek theme to anything at all, or photoshopping any of the star Trek characters.

Funny Star Trek Movies

Star Trek Movies
The new Star Trek (2009) movie premiered in the US theaters this week. Not only the plot is new, but the old cast has all been changed for the young actors - so it's literally a Star Trek "reloaded". Box office receipts show that the movie appeals not only to die-hard Trekkies, but even to those who can't tell the difference between a Tribble and a Tholian. FNers seem to like it too. To celebrate the release of the new Star Trek movie, put Star Trek characters into any other movies. You are welcome to use either the "classic" or the new Star Trek cast crew.

Funny Star Trek XI

Star Trek XI
The Star Trek XI movie is currently in production. The film will have a simple title "Star Trek" without any columns or numerals. It would be an unwelcome repetition, just like President Clinton II. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to the upcoming Star Trek XI film. Examples may include new posters, merchandise, and scenes for the upcoming movie. Designing a new name for the sequel is also welcome, as well as merging it with another film.

Funny Star Trek Actors

Star Trek Actors
Create images showing us where these unemployed Star Trek characters will show up now that the series has ended.

Funny Star Trek Celebrities

Star Trek Celebrities
What would the world look like if our politicians and celebrities were Star Trek characters? Photoshop images of famous people in their Trek garb.

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