Danny Trejo Trophies
Danny Trejo Trophies
Danny Trejo Trophies. Missed the Danny Trejo Deadline.
Member reactions:
A six and iffy 7's, now if you want to see six's and sevens at FN, go to bottom of contest, some people have to much power.
Thanks Hits. Yes HoHouse a sad backstory to the show.
Super Work, Cos. Would have done well in the Trejo contest.
The Predator. I don't know which one is prettier. Sorry Danny.

Funny Danny Trejo Bad Dog

Danny Trejo Bad Dog
Member reactions:
Love the action. Would like to see his face darkened to match the body.
The sun is in this face and I'm blind to color or my program is.
Cool..nice motion effect to the whole thing

Funny Danny Trejo, Summer Rentals

Danny Trejo, Summer Rentals
Member reactions:
Pillow man in the background--Haha. Some issues with source image quality, but a fun image nonetheless

Funny Danny Trejo Tough Guy

Danny Trejo Tough Guy
Member reactions:
High marks for detail and personality. Not sure I'd recognize him as Trejo independently of this contest.
Congrads on the Gold as the old song goes, It had to be you.
Oh and I'm the only one who thought it was a 10 perfect.
Outstanding tough guy caricature for a truly tough guy. Congrats on winning the Gold, Hitman.
Darn TOP PIC, fantastic work on this Tim, Love it, Congrats👌
Freak'n Great. Congrats on the Gold, Hits.

Funny Danny Trejo Artist

Danny Trejo Artist

Funny Trejo Painting

Trejo Painting
Member reactions:
Classic and top job capturing the essence of Trejo in this painting. Great one LunaC.
Great..reminds me of grand theft auto artwork

Funny General Trejo

General Trejo
Member reactions:
Love this. Nice caricature. Big "presence".
Congrats on the Silver win, Denlig. A phenomenal job working Danny into the painting.
Congrats on the win, knew this was a Winner, Great Work.
Great job....nice caricature and blending
Grats Denlig, THIS IS FLAWLESS. Itís got dictator written all over it.

Funny Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo
Member reactions:
If I was better, I wouldn't need as to chop as many for my nickles.

Funny Danny Trejo Caricature

Danny Trejo Caricature
Inspired by caricature artist Sebastien Cast. Original view is best.
Member reactions:
Awesome job with the tortured soul caricature and choice of B&W was perfect. Deserves a cup too. Top 5, SplatShot.
Thanks Reggie, Cos, and Ho. Yeah... U R right, it was a close one but in the mix with some other terrific chops.
Great job. After seeing this I am glad I upped my game T5 grats
I would have to say Splat that you nailed a Cast caricature.

Funny Chief Trejo

Chief Trejo
Chief Of The Slapaho Tribe
Member reactions:
Spanish but he fits the Native American Indian role well.
He does wear that war bonnet well. Nice one Gummy.

Funny Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo
With his pockmarked face and trademark tattoos, Danny Trejo, one of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood today, celebrates his 75th birthday on Thursday. After spending years working as a character actor, playing crooks and convicts, Trejo finally slashed his way into the spotlight with his portrayal of Machete Cortez in both the Spy Kids franchise and the Machete series. However, Trejo's rise to fame had quite a few twists and turns along the way. Years before he took up acting, Trejo was actually a violent criminal who'd spent time in multiple prisons. Credit for themepost image: Gloria Torres Photography.† To celebrate the 75th birthday of Danny Trejo, photoshop him any way you wish. For the full story on how Trejo turned his life around so drastically, follow "This Link"

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