Snail Wars End of the SALT Treaty
Snail Wars End of the SALT Treaty
Snail Wars End of the SALT Treaty. Mutually Assured Salinization was Snailkind's last, best hope.

Funny NATO Arms Treaty Broken

NATO Arms Treaty Broken
Russia pulls out of arms treaty in missile feud The Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty was signed by Russian and NATO members in 1990, when Soviet and NATO troops faced off in Central Europe. Source
Member reactions:
Nice pun : (arm/arms .) The USSR no longer exists. The message is incoherent. Why is the kid's arm ripped off .
It has multiple levels of symbolism that encompass the entire lead story. The arms treaty was signed during the Reagan era when the Soviet Union CCCP still existed (notice the background is crumpled and yellowed, see full size.) The kid's arm symbolizes the new generation's ideas and the arms treaty. The background represents the and old generation's ideas and the arms treaty (iron fist on aged paper). Bush's missile plan was cited as the primary reason that broke the arms treaty, thus the arm has been broken in the current age, while wrestling over the missile issue. That's just one way to see it, and I'm sure there's many others Russia suspends arms pact, citing US missile plan
congrats Chopmaker, as natural... awesome execution.

Funny Living Dead Lisbon Treaty

Living Dead Lisbon Treaty
Is the Treaty of Lisbon dead . Manuel doesn't think so. What does Gordon think . SOURCE Wing-Chi Poon
Member reactions:
Impressive skin texture. Love the details - owl and EU flag

Funny Peace Treaty

Peace Treaty
"Ok, here's the deal little Osama. It's international non-violence day, I should shoot you on sight, but if you run that way I promise not to shoot."
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Looks like he's not only a coward but,a small man.
We've all been wondering how he keeps managing to stay under the radar. And a small man in a dress Tippy.

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