Asparagus Botox Treatment
Asparagus Botox Treatment
Asparagus Botox Treatment. Member reactions:
Congrats on the twofer Wanderer I love this one.

Funny Obama: Unfortunately I did not finish his treatment

Obama: Unfortunately I did not finish his treatment
The last meeting Barack Obama with Putin
Member reactions:
Obama: Unfortunately I did not finish his treatment. Gentlemen, you have to continue and finish it.
When I said "we should keep more in touch" I didn't.....

Funny Treatment of Ebola by International Sanctions on Putin

Treatment of Ebola by International Sanctions on Putin
Member reactions:
Sanctions is one of the type financial "proctologist procedure" and only George W. tries to provide moral support to his "former friend".
Decent chop, but I would consider placing Ebola virus on the left wall too, so it gets bigger space in the composition and this a bigger focus.
If these are the brains that will have to solve the emergency....we are in troubles.
Sorry, no extended cables to move Laptop to the left wall. On the left wall is Crimea map. Annexation territory neighbor's countries is one the symptoms of Ebola # 2.
Very nice work, Wanderer. Congrats on the bronzie

Funny Vladimir Putin Undergoing a Botox Treatment

Vladimir Putin Undergoing a Botox Treatment
Ukraine: "3,000 Russian Troops In Country"
Member reactions:
What does Botox have to do with Russian troops in Ukraine.
It is allegory. Putin is Russia. Botox from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus are territories. Injection/annexation of new territories that Putin wants to add to New Russian Empire. It is his plan and he has support from 86% Russian population. Putin is Botox lover. His face was changed dramatically last year. He looks like a rubber ball and a lot of jokes about his new face. Putin is a crazy clown, but he has nuclear weapon and we need stop him ASAP.
OOPs-spelling of annexation doesn't match.
Thank you, my friend. Text edited and added more Botox in Botoxman face.
Putin loves Botox for sure. Hard to recognize him when he decided to make himself younger before running for his second term. Quality work, Hidden
Hilarious.... like the droplets and the botox experiment of Putin

Funny Nancy Pelosi's Beauty Treatment

Nancy Pelosi's Beauty Treatment
She looks better in dirt.

Funny Harriosn Ford Uses Grey Hair Treatment

Harriosn Ford Uses Grey Hair Treatment
Member reactions:
Cool But why the white space on the sides.
Thanks newsy, it's a box against a white background. Should be a shadow line but did something weird while uploading. Sorry mate j

Funny Botox Treatments of John Kerry

Botox Treatments of John Kerry
John F'n Kerry gets the coveted Botox endorsement.

Funny Treatment of Depression

Treatment of Depression

Funny Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment
For soft and moistured skin. Worm Treatment.

Funny Express Hospital Treatment

Express Hospital Treatment
[ Only about a third of hospitals nationwide are meeting the 90-minute standard for treating heart attack patients, so many hospitals attempt to speed up treatment by using time-saving practices and devices. ] I read this and shuddered. That means I have a 33% chance of surviving a heart attack. This news was such a shock I almost had a heart attack. Despite the slow response time by some of the slower acting hospitals patients did not complain. I guess it's hard to complain when you are dead. Hopefully, the doctors and hospitals in my area will comply with these recommendations. I am afraid to go to the hospital even with a broken leg. In this contest you are asked to show different methods of speeding up treatment by hospitals or doctors. Show unusual tools or methods used. An example would be a tree branch to set a broken leg or a chainsaw to perform surgery.

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