Steampunk Time Traveller
Steampunk Time Traveller
Steampunk Time Traveller. Member reactions:
Very good inclusion of extra gadgets to the crusher and its works as a time travelling machine really crazy

Funny Time Traveler on a Mountain

Time Traveler on a Mountain
Member reactions:
Thanks Steve just messing around with the source and this is what I got

Funny Mannequin Train Travelers

Mannequin Train Travelers
Member reactions:
This is it Lovely work, very clean cleaver and great effects love this entry
Nice execution of the Mannequin, looks good in this attire excellent work on the lady and the train background so clean and smooth work
Well done & so surreal nepaguy59 ,congrats on the silver ...
One more thing , i should of let you win the gold because you made me that amazing profile picture on FB , .... Thx again , i love it.
Love how you used the mannequins, but have one minor critique - the female mannequin's face looks flat. Congrats on the silver, nepaguy.
Thanks, everyone. I hear you Newsy....I should have fixed it.

Funny Manet Time Traveller

Manet Time Traveller
Manet's guitar player has come forward in time to take to the stage playing Rock and Roll.
Member reactions:
His face looks like he is worried of something.. Cool Man u did a good job

Funny Time Traveler

Time Traveler

Funny Tommy Lee Jones Traveler to the Future

Tommy Lee Jones Traveler to the Future
Member reactions:
ReALLY Like this.
what is that. A saiyan capsule..i like that
Blackx is a capsule I made it with a filter called Alien Skin, I made on turn the sphere, the interior edge, the door and the hinge and the interior is from a water splash, Pcr thank you so much.
Black ... A saiyan capsule for sure .. look like goko left from there haha .. cool work hidden
Thanks a lot Geri,Balodiya, Kratos don't know what is a goko.
great entry Sunshin, congrats on the gold
Thanks a lot to everybody, appreciate your comments.
Congrats Sunshin3. Would have never thought this was yours, nice switch up.
Congrats on the gold, Sun. One beauty of a chop, especially in full view.

Funny Pi Tree Stalking a Traveller in Desert

Pi Tree Stalking a Traveller in Desert
Member reactions:
Very very well done, good work. Good luck.

Funny Traveler

Needs a full view sources
Member reactions:
Heaps sources pulled together well, photorealistic work.
Very cool image jere, I luv the surrealistic feel and lots of cool details. I'm really surprised it didn't score higher.

Funny Space Time Travelers

Space Time Travelers
On rare occasions, time travelers are captured by the authorities. sources
Member reactions:
Impressive work - special feeling of sci fi and old times here. Love how you colored the racers source
lunaC nice work ,i love the feeling
Congrats LunaC I like the nostlagia style, seems to be a growing trend at FN.

Funny Break Dancing Time Traveler

Break Dancing Time Traveler
Member reactions:
Thank You. for the Compliments. This was sort of 'Test' image. To See if Voters on FN have gravitated toward or had a tendency to vote for an image that has a Certain Look. Ultra High Contrasts and the Like. It worked.
Congratulations on another magnificent win, news1st.
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