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Alaskan Travel Center.

Funny Space Travel Tourism Poster

Space Travel Tourism Poster
"What happened, where did it all go, we should have been vacationing on Mars by now for chrissake." .
Member reactions:
Looks authentic. They promised us many things, I stopped buying their promises
had it been left to the private sector we might just be there now

Funny Paris Hilton Using Economy Travel in Greece

Paris Hilton Using Economy Travel in Greece
Member reactions:
Aint the first time she's had a toy between,,, Oh wait, This is Freaking News. Funny Chop.
HEEEEEY HoHouse. Congratulations-loved this one.
Hey Ho, way to go. Suprised no Tavolta pics were in the top 3
Congrats HoHouse. nice to see you on the podium.
Good entertainment here. Congrats on the bronze, HoHouse.

Funny Honsi Mubarak's Travels

Honsi Mubarak's Travels
Mubarak Is History
Member reactions:
Thx for the compliments pcrdds & Skorpion ...
Very timely satire. Clean execution too. Love it.
Congrats on the woody chili cool work here ..
Congrats on your first advanced trophy, Chili.
Congrats on the wood chili. Awesome work.

Funny Taliban Travel by Mastercard

Taliban Travel by Mastercard
Member reactions:
I except the word of the spelling police and I should accept Mastercard, but I type in Engwish.
I agree with Luna. Hidden, you can always edit before the voting ends
Dear Taliban, The edit was done and now it's stuck between views. Large thumbnail shows excepted and view full entry says accepted. There's an hour of my life I'll never get back.
Absolutely spot on funny. It's hard to make illiterate idiots seem funnier but you did it.

Funny Barack Obama Traveling on a Donkey

Barack Obama Traveling on a Donkey
oh what is that.
Member reactions:
Light and shadow work is superior here. Love how you added the upper hand. The donkey ride down the road is very metaphorical here. Is that an American Indian wigwam I see.
Congrats on the silver Mark...very creative chop with the source

Funny Tequila Travel Advert

Tequila Travel Advert
Special sale: Trip to Mars now only $10, ask for the Total Recall package. Sources
Member reactions:
Source work for me. Nice chop, Hidden Author.
Looks like vapor-trail is meant to cover a few letters of title.(.)Nice job.
Fixed finger, and smoke was meant to cover the logo in order to push it back farther, thanks
Many nice details including the lemon and the drool. Feels freaky and nice. Once in Amsterdam I saw a man with a T-shirt that said "who needs to drink and drive when you can smoke and fly."
Congratulations on your silver. As always good job. Felicidades por la plata. Como siempre buen trabajo.
Thanks all No refunds for trips to bathroom hell.
Don't eat the worm. Top job as we have come to expect, AZ. I know that look unfortunately But fortunately not for a long time
Rainman, do you make any money with your art. This is what you do for a living now right. You are just so damn good, can I say that. OOPS.
that's was you rain .... great work as always , congrats on the silver
superb work as always Rain . congrats on silver
There really is a Margaritaville bar on the strip here in Las Vegas...And I've seen some leave there looking like him. Great chop, especially in full view.

Funny Boy in Travel Container

Boy in Travel Container
Member reactions:
Good one, looks authentic, nice transparancy work.
What I love in this entry is that it's very twisted composition yet it looks so real.

Funny Budget Travel

Budget Travel
Member reactions:
it is sort of frowned upon to reveal yourself in a contest before the contest is over tpbob. just a heads up.
Thanks. I'm new at this. Just began last Friday.
Thanks. It is too washed out. I missed that.

Funny Travel Burger with a Zipper

Travel Burger with a Zipper
Member reactions:
Congrats. Gr8 idea & bought together well.
Congratulations on the gold, ground zero.

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