Jack Nicholson in Gulliver's Travels
Jack Nicholson in Gulliver's Travels
Jack Nicholson in Gulliver's Travels. Member reactions:
Like the poster idea... he fits into the shoes well and now in 3D

Funny Alice Cooper's Traveling Freakshow

Alice Cooper's Traveling Freakshow
Member reactions:
As a BIG Fan of Alice I think this Rocks....
Very,very good.Love lady gaga holding up a severed marilyn manson head.
To much hilarious and Gaga with her assets covered up is really funny and a head spilling blood is scary here Excellent chop with all the stuff were properly arranged and chopped
Great effort in this.. nice bloody work here... lots of crazy chop and amazing placement together its freaky
Twisted stuff. Congrats on the bronze, nepaguy.

Funny Julian Assange The iPod Travel

Julian Assange The iPod Travel
Trying out the new iPod Travel from Apple.

Funny Police Traveling Over Bow Bridge in Central Park NY

Police Traveling Over Bow Bridge in Central Park NY

Funny Travel Gimmick Tourist Atraction

Travel Gimmick Tourist Atraction
Member reactions:
Nice location. The couple needs a shadow to match the tree shadows.
nice background looks very beautiful scene

Funny Alaskan Travel Center

Alaskan Travel Center

Funny Space Travel Tourism Poster

Space Travel Tourism Poster
"What happened, where did it all go, we should have been vacationing on Mars by now for chrissake." .
Member reactions:
Looks authentic. They promised us many things, I stopped buying their promises
had it been left to the private sector we might just be there now

Funny Paris Hilton Using Economy Travel in Greece

Paris Hilton Using Economy Travel in Greece
Member reactions:
Aint the first time she's had a toy between,,, Oh wait, This is Freaking News. Funny Chop.
HEEEEEY HoHouse. Congratulations-loved this one.
Hey Ho, way to go. Suprised no Tavolta pics were in the top 3
Congrats HoHouse. nice to see you on the podium.
Good entertainment here. Congrats on the bronze, HoHouse.

Funny Honsi Mubarak's Travels

Honsi Mubarak's Travels
Mubarak Is History
Member reactions:
Thx for the compliments pcrdds & Skorpion ...
Very timely satire. Clean execution too. Love it.
Congrats on the woody chili cool work here ..
Congrats on your first advanced trophy, Chili.
Congrats on the wood chili. Awesome work.

Funny Taliban Travel by Mastercard

Taliban Travel by Mastercard
Member reactions:
I except the word of the spelling police and I should accept Mastercard, but I type in Engwish.
I agree with Luna. Hidden, you can always edit before the voting ends
Dear Taliban, The edit was done and now it's stuck between views. Large thumbnail shows excepted and view full entry says accepted. There's an hour of my life I'll never get back.
Absolutely spot on funny. It's hard to make illiterate idiots seem funnier but you did it.

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