Jay Leno Trapped in a Dungeon
Jay Leno Trapped in a Dungeon
Jay Leno Trapped in a Dungeon. To many jokes about B.O..
Member reactions:
like the Obama chop and the dirty dog really hilarious
He doesn't look very worried about . Some trick in his pocket .

Funny Rally Cars Driving Into an Ice trap

Rally Cars Driving Into an Ice trap

Funny Vlad Putin Freeing a Ship Trapped in Ice

Vlad Putin Freeing a Ship Trapped in Ice
Akademik Shokalskiy, Ship Trapped In Antarctic Ice
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Polar bears come on the ship with the vulture. Nice chop.

Funny Woman Trapped In The Doll's House

Woman Trapped In The Doll's House
I found some doll´s house pictures on my computer, which I made half a year ago and then asked a friend of mine wether she would like to model for me so I could fuse them together in Photoshop.
Member reactions:
Really awesome how you did the perspective here using macro effect - feels like a tiny doll house indeed.
It IS a doll´s house indeed. The model was photoshopped in it in post production. I have both original files still on my computer.
Pretty cool, this is a use of the famous "tilt shift" effect .
This is one of my imagination which i had during my childhood.... wanted to go into the doll house one day and you have shown it doing "Hidden" really like this
Strange, no picture to comment on. But I bet from the comments, it is a great one.
Great first image r0mieh0mie. Looking forward to some more cool stuff.
thank you all very much two more pictures of this series can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/.set=a.599003480159840.1073741859.452655304794659&type=1&l=b8e1538593 and there are more to come

Funny Man Trapped Inside a Jellyfish

Man Trapped Inside a Jellyfish
The increase in the jellyfish population has been attributed to factors including climate change, over-fishing and the runoff of agricultural fertilizers. The rise in sea temperature and the elimination of predators such as sharks and tuna has made conditions ideal, and "blooms" – when populations explode in great swarms, sparking regular panics on beaches around the world– are being reported in ever-increasing size and frequency. Last year scientists at the University of British Columbia found that global warming was causing 2,000 different jellyfish species to appear earlier each year and expanding their number. The proliferation of jellyfish has caused problems for seaside power and desalination plants in Japan, the Middle East and Africa. The blooms are also perilous to swimmers; the effects of a jellyfish sting range across the species from painless to tingling to agony and death.
Member reactions:
, you captured what partially digested actually looks like. To know that you must be a frefighter, cop or hunter
I went fishing in Puget Sound in Seattle Washington USA a couple of weeks ago and we too ran into thousands of jellyfish. We could hardly fish, never seen that many in 40 years of fishing. Great chop also.
The Expanding Jelly fish population indicates another Apocalypse in near future Save Earth ..... Good chop and thanks for the information
, I was sure this would place in the top 4. It is excellent
Yes, indeed we were but it's not the first time or the last I get stumped in a lot of contests thinking one chop is a sure winner and turns up 50th or something
I notice it's not just here, it happens in wet T-shirt contests... even in dog shows... anywhere things are judged. Since Worth1000 is closing I decided to enter the last hurrah tourney over there thinking I had a top 5 chop, you know, super proud and all full of myself for creating such a masterpiece. With voting 1/2 way done now, I still have not gotten better than a little less than 1/2 way up. I guess I'm back to being humble

Funny Edward Snowden Trapped in Ice in Russia

Edward Snowden Trapped in Ice in Russia
OOps I was too late for the Snowden Contest. Hope you like it anyway.

Funny Man Trapped in a Cell

Man Trapped in a Cell
Freaking Nuts.
Member reactions:
Masterful at least a 4. Great thinking. We all have it, FN block.
Out of the box thinking amazing creativity and great chop in putting the FN Block over the key hole
Congratulations. It appears that my tribute was right on the mark. "WOOF."
Congratulations on your win DD. Truly a work of art.
Congrads on the Gold cup, told u it was at least a 4, then u take top Dog. Excellent.
Super chop... It was a tough competition, very well done.. Congrats on the top cup, DD

Funny Diana and her companion's bear traps

Diana and her companion's bear traps
Member reactions:
Great composition using the bear traps good job done using the blood and the traps

Funny Mouse Trapped

Mouse Trapped
Member reactions:
You are NOT having my cheese, me neither.
Forgot to check at High Res... darned little painting errors.

Funny Boy Trapped in Vending Machine with Lion

Boy Trapped in Vending Machine with Lion
This story in the news last week inspired this picture Young Boy Gets Trapped
Member reactions:
I wondered when I saw this chop whether that little fella's excursion inspired it

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