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Funny Trap Pictures

Ice trapFunny Ice trap
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Trapped In The Doll's HouseFunny Trapped In The Doll's House
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I found some dollīs house pictures on my computer, which I made half a year ago and then asked a friend of mine wether she would like to model for me so I could fuse them together in Photoshop.
Really awesome how you did the perspective here using macro effect - feels like a tiny doll house indeed.
It IS a dollīs house indeed. The model was photoshopped in it in post production. I have both original files still on my computer.
Pretty cool, this is a use of the famous "tilt shift" effect .
This is one of my imagination which i had during my childhood.... wanted to go into the doll house one day and you have shown it doing "Hidden" really like this
Strange, no picture to comment on. But I bet from the comments, it is a great one.
Great first image r0mieh0mie. Looking forward to some more cool stuff.
thank you all very much two more pictures of this series can be found here: and there are more to come

Revenge of the bear trap....booby trapFunny Revenge of the bear trap....booby trap
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Bare essentials

Diana and her companion's bear trapsFunny Diana and her companion's bear traps
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Great composition using the bear traps good job done using the blood and the traps

Mouse TrappedFunny Mouse Trapped
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You are NOT having my cheese, me neither.
Forgot to check at High Res... darned little painting errors.

Boy Trapped in Vending Machine with LionFunny Boy Trapped in Vending Machine with Lion
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This story in the news last week inspired this picture Young Boy Gets Trapped
I wondered when I saw this chop whether that little fella's excursion inspired it

St Bernard to the Rescue of Trapped SnowboarderFunny St Bernard to the Rescue of Trapped Snowboarder
Member reactions:

Thanks, Kellie, for the encouragement Thanks geriatric and diamonds
Thanks JoaoN and rajeshtar. I had fun kitting out the St Bernard.
really well done and I love his little shoes
Thanks Mikella and Anniesmum and all the other voters
Congratulations,on the silver...nice work.

Babies with a Stork TrapFunny Babies with a Stork Trap
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Trapped in a BottleFunny Trapped in a Bottle
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Great concept and execution . . . though, I think I liked it better before you applied the craquelure effect . . .

Baby Trapped on a Cliff in the Grand CanyonFunny Baby Trapped on a Cliff in the Grand Canyon
Member reactions:

Don't worry, it's not real.
Looks realistic, good job And hope she will be saved
faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic idea...
least he's where ya can't hear him scream.

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