Transplant non ended
Transplant non ended
Transplant non ended.

Funny Michael's nose transplant

Michael's nose transplant
Now Michael has a new nose, he can safely go into space.

Funny American Gothic Face Transplants

American Gothic Face Transplants
I know this may not be exactly what you had in mind for this contest, but: 1. I felt this merge just HAD to be done 2. These characters (modeled after the artist's dentist and sister) have become very familiar faces, just like any other celebrities...
Member reactions:
It's about time these two got a little closer together.
This is something you'd only see in the mid west.

Funny Superman Partial Face Transplant

Superman Partial Face Transplant
Christopher Routh
Member reactions:
This is a great idea...but add more contrast to the face on the right and sharpen it a little. Good luck.
Right side of face is a bit too blurry..otherwise a nice idea.
This is a great idea. Looks like you were starting with source images were pretty diverse--and it still shows in the sharpness and contrast.

Funny James Bond Partial Face Transplant

James Bond Partial Face Transplant
James Bond face-off
Member reactions:
Great idea, but Connery's face needs a bit more contrast to match the othe side.
Okay, but the densities of the dark areas of Sean's face should've better matched Pierce's.
I like it. Two bonds are better than one.
Sean's got a bright forehead. Love the idea.

Funny Joile face transplant

Joile face transplant
Link Here
Member reactions:
When will they leave poor A.J. alone. Careful at the hair lines.

Funny Face Transplant

Face Transplant
Cleveland Pioneers Face Transplant

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