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Funny Transplants Pictures

American Gothic Face TransplantsFunny American Gothic Face Transplants
Member reactions:
I know this may not be exactly what you had in mind for this contest, but: 1. I felt this merge just HAD to be done 2. These characters (modeled after the artist's dentist and sister) have become very familiar faces, just like any other celebrities...
It's about time these two got a little closer together.
This is something you'd only see in the mid west.

Superman Partial Face TransplantFunny Superman Partial Face Transplant
Member reactions:

Christopher Routh
This is a great idea...but add more contrast to the face on the right and sharpen it a little. Good luck.
Right side of face is a bit too blurry..otherwise a nice idea.
This is a great idea. Looks like you were starting with source images were pretty diverse--and it still shows in the sharpness and contrast.

James Bond Partial Face TransplantFunny James Bond Partial Face Transplant
Member reactions:
James Bond face-off
Great idea, but Connery's face needs a bit more contrast to match the othe side.
Okay, but the densities of the dark areas of Sean's face should've better matched Pierce's.
I like it. Two bonds are better than one.
Sean's got a bright forehead. Love the idea.

Joile face transplantFunny Joile face transplant
Member reactions:

Link Here
When will they leave poor A.J. alone. Careful at the hair lines.

Face TransplantFunny Face Transplant
Member reactions:

Cleveland Pioneers Face Transplant

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