Brain Transplant
Brain Transplant
Brain Transplant. Trumpsplant....
Member reactions:
Nice clean work, Gorgo. Melania is stunningly beautiful even with a bucket head.

Funny Only brainless for my transplant ?

Only brainless for my transplant ?
cience or science fiction. How an Italian doctor hopes to perform first human head transplant

Funny Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ Magazine

Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ Magazine
A man with a complete face transplant poses for GQ magazine Jay-Z would like to thank deaddog for the use of his face. As deaddog would say, "bwahahahahahaha."
Member reactions:
DD may simply start lending his face for a fee. How much for a day or per chop.
I think I look like Sean Connery, as depicted here.
like the new face with stitched together... Looks like Jason from Friday the 13th Movie. well done
This looks great Nice Thinking nice threading on the face
It can be clearly seen that after chopping off the face it dead skin color changes , best marketing work for the transplantation with the Bold stitches
Freaking idea. I hope they gave Freaking idea. I hope they both gave the permission to collate their faces togather.
And the wood.

Funny Barack Obama Hand Transplant

Barack Obama Hand Transplant
Man gets hand transplant
Member reactions:
This is Crazy..... awesome hand with worms coming out and a bunch of cigarettes were fueling them to spread all over the body Obama is having all the Nicotine gum to avoid smoking very well done
The hand seriously scares me. Congrats on the silver too, Paul.

Funny Dr Clinton Gives Dick Cheney a Heart Transplant

Dr Clinton Gives Dick Cheney a Heart Transplant
US former vice president Dick Cheney gets heart transplant
Member reactions:
Good to see Clinton after a long time, everyone has a nice expression
Astonished to see a heart carrying by its own patient, is this heart of a doner or himself . Great work of putting this image as holding its heart, nice idea to create this funny expression found on Bill and Ms Clinton good job done
Many thanks guys for the comments..LIRASA:Welcome to FN.. rajeshstar:The heart that Cheney holding is his own heart and the donor heart inside him now.
Nice looking chop Black ... Congrats on the theme post.
This chop was an inspiration to the Heartless Celebrities contest. Really great composition.

Funny Brain Transplant for Michael Jackson

Brain Transplant for Michael Jackson
Member reactions:
Looks scaring freaky I would adjust the color pattern of the hands and brain to match the main source

Funny Gary Glitter Face Transplant

Gary Glitter Face Transplant
Member reactions:
Cool chop, but you forgot to plug the news link
Tweaked the stiches to look more authentic.
The stitches look tight. i would probably soften the edges of the glass in the mirror to match the bluriness of the photo.
Did a 60% blur over the edge of the Glitter image inside the mirror. looks better so thanks again
Nice edit. This entry gives me a goosebumps

Funny X-Files Partial Face Transplants

X-Files Partial Face Transplants
Scully and Mulder
Member reactions:
Sorry about 1st comment. My mistake .
I switch one half on one and the other on the other one . Both still have one half of thier own face.

Funny Jeff Daniels and Rip Torn Partial Face Transplant

Jeff Daniels and Rip Torn Partial Face Transplant
Jeff Daniels and Rip Torn

Funny Courtney Love and Britney Spears Partial Face Transplant

Courtney Love and Britney Spears Partial Face Transplant
Member reactions:
Though lovely is not a word I'd associate with this combo...or either of them separately for that matter.
It looks like you have showed us yet another candidate for the dubmest blonde in Hollywood.

Funny Partial Face Transplants

Partial Face Transplants
Sad news from France today - the world's first partial face transplant patient died in Paris. Isabelle Dinoire was 49, and lived 11 years since she got the transplant in 2005. In her honor we are doing a rerun of our famous partial face transplants contest. In this contest you are asked to perform partial face transplants on celebrities. The right half of a face has to be from one celebrity and the left half from another. Many thanks to JannaR for the themepost.

Funny Partial Face Transplants

Partial Face Transplants
Spain has performed the world's first full-face transplant in a 24-hour operation carried out by more than 30 medics. The patient is a young farmer who accidentally shot himself in the face five years ago. The recipient is thought to be recovering well and apparently has already seen his new face. Even if full face transplants become successful, politicians will never accept them. It's just too expensive to get transplants on two faces. In this contest you are asked to perform partial face transplants on politicians and celebrities. The right half of a face has to be from one celebrity and the left half from another. Here's a good example . Politicians and celebrities face mixes are also allowed and cross gender face breeds too.

Funny Partial Face Transplants

Partial Face Transplants
A year and a half later, the recipient of the first successful partial face transplant is showing good progress - even her smile has returned completely. The French woman, Isabelle Dinoire, was the first person in the world to undergo a successful partial face transplant operation, and she has been under a close attention of her doctors and the media since then. After the success of Isabelle, only two more operations of such kind have been successfully performed in the world - one in China and another one in France. Inspired by the results, doctors say that full face transplant operation may become feasible sooner than we expect. This contest is a spin off of our two popular "Partial Face Transplant" contests that have been featured by many media publications including People Magazine and The Daily Mail. Today we are going to make it somewhat different from the previous two contests - the task is to perform partial face transplants on the celebrities or politicians of your choice by COMBINING THEIR UPPER AND LOWER FACE HALVES. Don't just paste over the eyes, or the mouth, it has two be upper and lower face halves combined, and don't forget the nose - it has to consist from two different celebrity noses too.

Funny Partial Gender Transplants

Partial Gender Transplants
A number of studies of the recent years has shown that when it comes to love, the old rule "opposites attract" may not be so true. Close examination of faces of thousands of couples has shown many similarities and common facial traits among spouses or lovers. People tend to subconsciously choose a partner that looks similar to him / her one way or another. So "similarities attract" may be a better rule, at least in the recent years. Furthermore, when people start living together they develop similar face characteristics together by naturally copying each other's facial emotions and expressions. Let us show which celebrities of opposite gender share enough facial characteristics to make a natural couple: You will need to choose two celebrities of the OPPOSITE GENDER, and transplant a VERTICAL half of a face from one celebrity to another. Here's a good example. This contest is another spin-off of our popular Partial Face Transplants contest, which has been featured in many magazines including People, Daily Mail, etc. In addition to celebrities, you can also use politicians, famous word figures, or characters from old paintings as one of the sources in a merged face. Note: the two faces you use as sources do not have to be a real couple in life, but they do have to be of OPPOSITE GENDER.

Funny Partial Face Transplants

Partial Face Transplants
Since the last time we ran a Partial Face Transplants contest, it was featured on numerous blogs and websites. UPDATE: Several pictures from this contest were published in the print edition of the Daily Mail - Thursday, September 6 issue, as well as in their online edition. To give this wonderful idea a new spin and to show our new creations to all the visitors who come to see partial face transplants, we are running a second round of this contest today. Photoshop partial face transplants by merging VERTICAL halves of faces of any celebrities, politicians, famous people, or historical figures. A left face half has to be from one person and a right face half from another. When performing your "surgery", try to make the final face look as photo realistic as you can, and let us know which two people you are merging - either in the entry title or in the author comments.

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