The Land Of Oz Transformation
The Land Of Oz Transformation
The Land Of Oz Transformation.

Funny The Role of iPhone in Transformation

The Role of iPhone in Transformation
Member reactions:
No Android for this ape man. Great work on lighting and monkey shine.
Yeah, I was thinking human/Ape contest too. Good job

Funny Jail House Transformation

Jail House Transformation
Member reactions:
Bronze Congrats, Vicspa. Tons of awesome transformer work.
Congrats on the Bronze, vicspa. Great chop.

Funny Star Wars Clone Transformation

Star Wars Clone Transformation

Funny Putin The Transformation

Putin The Transformation

Funny Eclipse -Jacobs New Transformation

Eclipse -Jacobs New Transformation

Funny Truck Magical Transformation

Truck Magical Transformation
Member reactions:
there is something bugging me about this chop and I cant put my finger on it to fix. if you have any tips please feel free to chip in
Under the front tire the ground is uneven with a sharp vertical edging. Could be that.
I think the the camera angel of the original image and the newer truck might be a little off, or I might need another cup of coffee...
thanks Hamid, I was on my fifth cup of expresso while chopping it, that could be it though, I feel my vision is being pulled in two directions when looking at it. making me feel cross eyed .
It's the angle from which the picture of the new truck was taken. If you imagine looking down on the truck in your picture, it'd be bent where the two trucks meet.
I agree with Hamid and Lucian. The concept has a merit though.

Funny Yoga Girl Transformation Digital Art

Yoga Girl Transformation Digital Art
This piece is a transformation of the Yoga Girl comp minus the provided pic and basically it was a transformation of one of my pics that I put the yoga girl pic in.

Funny Hair Transformations

Hair Transformations
Everyone knows that sometimes, you just need a major beauty change and there's no better way to embrace a new era than by changing up your hairstyle. Whether it's a total color switch or just a quick trim, hair transformations always feel like a total makeover. For proof, look no further than the stars...the stars of Hollywood, that is. Give any celebrity or politician a new hair style. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

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