Volkswagen Tractor and Trailer
Volkswagen Tractor and Trailer
Volkswagen Tractor and Trailer. Member reactions:
Can I say that I love it. What a wonderful job you did on the source.
This is awesome.... great turn over of Car to a tractor good one like it
And the silver goes to the guy who sold cars in the winning chop. Silver congrats, DD.

Funny Durer Selling Animal Paintings From a Trailer

Durer Selling Animal Paintings From a Trailer
* mini DURER zoo ...absolutely all goods exist in Master DURER menagerie...
Member reactions:
Awesome.... Durer and his painting of all the animals inside that mobile zoo good background used with bushes and mountains giving the impression of a real zoo scene created

Funny Trailer Park Boys in the Navy

Trailer Park Boys in the Navy
Julian, Ricky and Bubbles If you haven't ever heard of the Trailer Park Boys its a Canadian mocumentary that ran for 7 years and has 2 full length movies and a massive cult following. It's a cross between The Office, South Park and the early years of Married with Children. I have added a link created for every episode. If you don't like hearing the F bomb this is not for you....... this series is raw and uncensored and unlike anything you have ever seen, not to mention hilarious. full episodes
Member reactions:
love the reference although the chop could use some work
Thanks Ivan, I threw in julian's black shirt and his drink. For those who don't know, Julian always wears a black shirt and carries a drink in every scene of every episode. These guys appear all over Canada and the US and always and I mean Always appear in character.
I never saw the TBP, but the chop looks hilarious even to me, so I'm gonna go and check it out. Love the cat. The hands with thumbs down could be made larger I think
You win....... bigger hands. Watch a couple of episodes, then the cat will make sense.
Congrads Deaddog, first gold moving up to the big time.
Thanks HoHouse. Go to the link... watch a couple shows
Congrats, DD...okay, you got me. Now I might even have to watch one of their shows.
Im in shock pc. Special thanks to my girlfriend Nan for the idea.
Thanks Fido.......... I owe it to you for making me get off my arse and putting a little more effort into it.
Ha Newsy......... freaking hilarious isin't it.

Funny Rasta Painter Painting Bob Marley on Trailer

Rasta Painter Painting Bob Marley on Trailer
Member reactions:
Thanks..I immediately thought of it as soon as i saw the trailer and its colours and it seems to have come together nicely
way to go cushy. and a well deserved first win. ets a great job mon.

Funny Big Snails on Trailer

Big Snails on Trailer
Oops they are going to see How fast the can go on the salt flats.

Funny Trailer Park Gigolo Tyson

Trailer Park Gigolo Tyson
Mike Tyson, Trailer Park Gigolo.

Funny Britney Spears Trailer

Britney Spears Trailer
Hi Boys - Come on in.
Member reactions:
Trailer park spears goes round the outside, round the outside. ..

Funny Police Breaking into Donut Vending Trailer

Police Breaking into Donut Vending Trailer
"Sunday, or not, we want donuts."

Funny Trailer Trash Awards

Trailer Trash Awards

Funny Man Painting a Strange Trailer

Man Painting a Strange Trailer
Member reactions:
Can I help... I don't want to win myself, my entry was just to be funny, and if you get more than 5 wins you don't get to do the apprentice contest anymore, no fun, so I am going for 2nd 3rd or 4th place, so i want to help YOU score higher, if i can. This photo is a great concept, but it lacks depth perception. I like the use of previous stock photos, but your people need shadows, like you did for the hand and turtle, and your militia man needs to be a smidgen bigger so he has proper perception. also i like the added background, but you need an "edge", that gives depth to the rooftop, perhaps some shading and maybe a slight gaussian blur to the background, mrs lady liberty.. Again i am only trying to help you, not being mean, Im no pro myself, but have an eye for detail. I have made suggestions to people before that helped them win, and "so far" in this contest, i like your creativity the best,so I am just trying to help you push it from an average to better than average chop, while you still have a couple days left. I hope i helped, that is my honest intention.
i... appreciate your In-depth Analysis Im gona fix'er upper and resubmit this for sure now . thanks again
I hope you found my critique helpful, I'm not saying it to be mean but just to help push you to the next step. the reason for the apprentice contest is for helping. I may not be able to tell you HOW to do it, but i can tell you what i see. One thing you will notice about all of the winning entries in the regular contest, is attention to detail, it takes time to get it right, which is why they give us so much time in the amateur corner here, When i judge a picture, I judge it not just by the pictures outcome, anyone can paste a picture into the mona lisa, I look for creativity, hard work/time involved, and attention to detail. You are on the right track. I love it. it just needs a little uhmph.
The agent seems a baby in front of the painter you should increase his dimensions. Also shadows should match the one on the roof
may be he is a baby Lucianomorelli about the shadows u see this is not taking place on earth so the atmosphere is optically multi layered bla bla bla...there fore you see two shadows
congrats on 4th vipez. Hope I wasn't being to harsh, I didn't know it wasn't earth. great job my friend
Quality satire and execution. Great wood here. Congrats, vipez.

Funny Vending Trailer

Vending Trailer
Photoshop this photo of the vending trailer any way you wish. Some examples are: show this vending trailer selling donuts or other fast food, use this vending trailer in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to cobalt123 for providing the source photo.

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