martin luther is a traffic guard
martin luther is a traffic guard
martin luther is a traffic guard. Member reactions:
Excellent caricature on Putin... like the scooter and the broken head with stitches good one awesome chop
Martin Luther King would not approve of Putin.
First class chop. I like the dark background sky rather than your usual bright sky versions.

Funny Traffic Elf

Traffic Elf
Member reactions:
Giant lady looks perfect to the guy, dont step on him


Member reactions:
Me likes a lot. The flying candy with the orange trail is a great touch.

Funny Alien Traffic Guard Barack Obama

Alien Traffic Guard Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Great . The only man is rapidly stepping away.
FANTASTIC, Love it., congrats on the win.
GOLD Congrats, Elegary. If it's stop guard has to be red, but green he is cool too.

Funny Space Traffic Digital Art

Space Traffic Digital Art
Member reactions:
Excellent artwork on its own. The use of the source is a bit subtle on the first look. Wish the elements from the source took more central place and bigger space in the composition, in the light of the contest
It took me a moment to find the source, anyway good try.

Funny Traffic Guard Stopping Crazy World Behavior

Traffic Guard Stopping Crazy World Behavior
Member reactions:
Creative chop,but that Jihadi John makes me want to take a knife out and saw his f-ing head off.He makes me sick .Be-heading barbaric,freak.I hope we blow him to bits.
Don't tell us how you really feel Andwhat LMFAO. You go girl....... Very interesting eclectic mix in this chop.

Funny Rocket Kills Traffic Guard

Rocket Kills Traffic Guard
Member reactions:
Right on target. That guard was really annoying someone
Congrats on the Bronze and Wood.
Congrats, lucianomorelli. You just killed guard.

Funny Vintage Car Traffic Control

Vintage Car Traffic Control

Funny Traffic Light Parrots in a Tree

Traffic Light Parrots in a Tree
Member reactions:
I like how you changed the shapes & sizes of the bird as well as the colors
Clever idea though coloring needs more work to look natural. Usually the shadow areas do not have colors as intensive as they mid with the shadow colors. So a natural color spread on an object under light and shadow is spread not so uniformly

Funny Compact Fluorescent Traffic Lights

Compact Fluorescent Traffic Lights
Member reactions:
Love the clean look and candy colors, GarRM. Congratulations on the Bronze Cup.

Funny Traffic Guard

Traffic Guard
The photo for today's contest was taken this Saturday near the Sydney Exhibition Centre, where the science-fiction convention "Oz Comic-Con" is held. That explains the astronaut on a pedestrian crossing. "That's one small step for man... hold on Mission Control, I see the stop sign!" Photoshop this photo of a traffic guard any way you wish. Photo credit: David Gray, Reuters

Funny Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights
Traffic lights as we know them today have been following the international standards set in the 1950s - the red light above the green, with yellow between. While the traffic lights for vehicles remained the same since then (only added countdown timers on them), many specific forms of traffic lights were introduced through the years - for pedestrians, for cyclists, as well as for public transport. These additional types of traffic lights differ quite a bit from country to country. Redesign existing traffic lights any way you wish - re-shape, re-color, re-number them, or design traffic lights for any specific groups of traffic or commuters (for trucks only, for rockets, for pirates, for women, for children, etc.). These are just some ideas. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Military Traffic Signs

Military Traffic Signs
The situation in Ukraine keeps getting worse. Putin got the authorization from Russia's parliament to deploy Russian troops into Ukraine, to "protect its interest in Crimea and protect the Russian population there". While, formally, no Russian troops have been deployed in Crimea yet, Russia used its troops stationed at the Black Sea Fleet base to gain total control of the Crimean Peninsula. The local Ukrainian troops defected, joined Russian forces, and pledged to the Crimean authorities who demand independence of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. Russian military units are freely moving on the roads of Crimea with noone to stop them. Do they have to follow the traffic rules too? Photoshop traffic/road signs designed for military units (for infantry, navy, or air force). The signs can warn of the dangers ahead, show info, or show some restrictions and rules for military units to follow. You are welcome to show your signs at some scenery or just on their own. ( Image credit: LAgence France-Presse )

Funny San Marino Traffic Police

San Marino Traffic Police
The Republic of San Marino is the oldest surviving sovereign state in the world, founded on 3 September 301. It separated from the Roman Empire and remains one of the smallest countries in Europe with the population of about 30,000. San Marino is surrounded by Italy and its official language is Italian. Despite the small size, San Marino's economy has been thriving since its foundation - it has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, no national debt, and high budget surplus. Photoshop this photo of San Marino traffic police (image credit: Luigi Chiesa) - any way you wish.

Funny Syrian Traffic Signs

Syrian Traffic Signs
The Syrian army keep pressing an offensive against rebels, bombarding and destroying a lot of Syrian infrastructure, including roads and traffic signs. Experts say rebuilding the Syrian infrastructure will take considerable time, just like it took to rebuild Iraq. Meanwhile, until this military conflict is over, perhaps Syria needs new traffic signs designed and installed? Design new traffic signs for streets and roads in Syria which will reflect the new "traffic rules", warnings and dangers in everyday life in Syria.

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