Michelle Trachtenberg Manga
Michelle Trachtenberg Manga
Michelle Trachtenberg Manga. Member reactions:
This is an excellent chop... I like the idea of a pretty woman with animesque caricatured features and hair colouring... I think I'll try that myself...

Funny Michelle Trachtenberg With Ears for Eyes

Michelle Trachtenberg With Ears for Eyes
I used my own ears
Member reactions:
Flawless. Your own ears. Oh , I hope it didn't hurt much. I shall call you Van Hidden for the time being hahahhaah
Clean work. Hitman (ears cut off.)
Lovely, funny, good chop. The ears could be a leeetle darker, or their shadow softer on the cheek. Just a thought...
"Oh what big ears you have" LoL Loved this one.
hehee, I did warp them a little, but I do have big ole ears
Congrats Jerry Nice colors and composition.
Congrats on the silver too, Jer. Kell.

Funny Tiger Michelle Trachtenberg

Tiger Michelle Trachtenberg
Got catnip. The sources
Member reactions:
Superb Job… This is absolutely flawless.. Congrats in advance on your victory
Impressive. Michelle gives the perfect model for this. Perhaps you should decrease the contrast and the sharpness, especially on the hair to focus the face for beholder's eye. But these are just my two cents...
For what it's worth: you need to adjust the mouth so that whiskers are not coming out of it. Next there is a lighting issue, the face of the cat is from upper left downward, her hair though is from the right and lower. But to me the worst problem is the 'grunge' look. I know that is popular right now, but fashion chops ddo not look there best with a bunch of soot smeared over them. (and a personal note...lose the lavender lipstick.) LAstley the most important object in the picture is the eyes, you need to brighten and yellow them, at least to a chartreuse color, this one thing will make the picture 'snap'. The chop is good, but some tweaking will make it exceptional.
Full view... breathtaking. LOVE how you did the lips. The tips from the previous commenters certainly helped.
What Dudley said. Really nice job but some obvious stuff. (Not as flawless as Hamid says.)
Grabthar, I already edited the picture and applied the best tips in the critiques. Thanks everyone for helping out.
Nice, would have made the nose and mouth a little cattier.
You made the right choice on edits, looks great
The edit is flawless..the first 10 I've ever given...but I am drinking...
Man, you're the booked winner here, eh. What I meant earlier is that there are still some hairs coming from her lips. But that's really just nitpicking. (I wish I could accomplish something like that.) Congrats on the win. Well deserved.
There's suppose to be hairs coming out of her lip, I drew them in there Thanks all for the record amount of compliments and tips
Congrats Rain, in my humble opionin this is the best chop on Freak.. Congrats again on the Gold trophy... Please if you find the time write a tutorial for this effect...
Hamid, I posted a tutorial. The mechanics of it are pretty easy, they rest depends on the hand and eyes. Hard to tell people how to draw and paint. Tiger Face Tutorial
Thanks for the tutorial Rain... I just took a qucik look and it looks like a lot of fun..
report : this tiger attacked beautifel woman and took away her blonde hair and green eyes ....

Funny Anorexic Michelle Trachtenberg

Anorexic Michelle Trachtenberg
Member reactions:
Nice, but her thumb looks a little gnarly.

Funny Two Faced Michelle Trachtenberg

Two Faced Michelle Trachtenberg
Member reactions:
I like the hair over the right eye, nice touch.
Creative blending. I like how the hair covers her double face.

Funny Michelle Trachtenberg is the Little Mermaid

Michelle Trachtenberg is the Little Mermaid
Member reactions:
Very charming. Congrats on the wood, pvario.

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