Toy Montana
Toy Montana
Toy Montana. Look Out. He's got a... toy. Man with fake gun disrupts Dutch broadcaster NOS
Member reactions:
Just clipped it from the alternate ending.

Funny Santa Will Work For Toys

Santa Will Work For Toys
Well, unemployment numbers may be down some, but there are still many areas of the workforce where the pain and difficulties of being out of work still linger, including those formerly employed at The North Pole. Although past popularity and success followed the holly jolly one wherever he went, the man formerly in the red flannel suit is struggling to keep his reindeer in food. Santa - Will Work For Toys
Member reactions:
This old man is out of job and his retirement savings may not be enough to keep him from living on the street. What will kids see... Santa The Bum. Excellent chop.

Funny Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler Riding Toy Cars

Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler Riding Toy Cars
Member reactions:
The back rider looks like he's floating. Bring him down and put a shadow under him...or move the other one up.
Golden chop, brilliant light effect and cool caricature. Riding with puss is so cute
I can't get what's the use of the traffic lights with drivers in that position, but caricatures are awesome. With green on in one direction should be red on for the others.
Decent work. I would make the background driver (Kerry) and his vehicle a bit smaller in size (he looks exactly the same size as Sandler thoug definitely some distance away, as shown by the road perspective)
Congratulations Elegary. Great vibrant colors and caricature work.
Your title said it, Elegary. Great job,congratulations on First Place

Funny Ellen Degeneres With a Beard with Boys Toys

Ellen Degeneres With a Beard with Boys Toys
A school says a little girl should be more feminine
Member reactions:
Ellen is a perfect fit for a masculine girl here.
Funky avatar created... Helen looks awesome with beard and as a little girl suites her crazy news
Cannot be more feminine being Berdulano's daughter . ha, ha, ha.
Silver congrats, recognized your style too
Congrads on the Twofer, great work always.

Funny Vladimir Putin's Toy Soldiers

Vladimir Putin's Toy Soldiers

Funny Breaking Bad Plush Toy

Breaking Bad Plush Toy
You loved him as that adorable chemistry teacher- turned meth kingpin on "Breaking Bad" you can own your very own cute and cuddly Walter White. His cuteness is absolutely diabolical. Lovingly hand stitched cotton will let your jr. meth heads cuddle for hours before they'll come down from the "high on life" experience that is hugging their Heisenberg. Please view full, he really is hand stitched. And do let me know what you think.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work. Amazing stitching & details. TY
Congrats on the wood, HOAT. LOVE your avatar too.
Is this a chop or a knitted thing you made or a knitted thing someone else made and you chopped, I am confused it is so unique. It happens to be very well done too.
This is 100% pure chop, sourced from a bunch of knitted things... got too busy to make a work in progress video...might post one tonight., Thanks guys.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides A Toy Horse in Toy Store

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides A Toy Horse in Toy Store
Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a toy horse.
Member reactions:
Cool one. Reminded me one trivia piece. When Arnold was playing the terminator in the famous first "Terminator" movie, he confessed that due to extremely low budget he often had to use toy guns. Seems all these years after he's still into toys
Ahh heart touching cutie faces with splendid toys. so clean and professional work with shadows. genius use of Cigar and Hats. I just love this one
Bronze for Paul too - woot. Part of the winnings go to the sly and the terminator
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Thanks, Newsy. No, they have enough cash.

Funny Real Toy Monster

Real Toy Monster
strange insect that looks like a troll doll And Here Too
Member reactions:
Freaktastic. It actually scares me - as it looks so real.
fantastic chop. great 3 dimensional creatures were well composed
Ooooooo bizarre chop LMFAO.... Well done and congrats on gold.
Congrads on the chop, and for being the newest member of the hall of fame.
Gold congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. Now go and cut some preps.

Funny Wooden Dog With His Toys

Wooden Dog With His Toys
Member reactions:
Totally a new image created out of source lovely dog with a bone great job done
Well done hidden, its very cute puppy and I can see some shadow idea is also good
We're going to turn you into a whittler yet Nice one Luciano. You got wood for wood.
Congrats on the wood, luciano. Clever remake.

Funny Bradley Manning Playing with Toy Soldiers

Bradley Manning Playing with Toy Soldiers
You better play nice....
Member reactions:
ha ha ha cute mind with heavy message. Seriously
well.. main thought: he is small isnīt he.

Funny Bluebird Toy

Bluebird Toy
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of the bluebird toy (image credit: Jenn and Tony Bot) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-shape and re-design this bluebird toy, merge it with other birds and toys, use this image in posters and movies, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Toy Recalls

Toy Recalls
As the year rounds down and holiday gift giving begins, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises you to check the 2010 toy recall list before shopping. There were an estimated 186,000 emergency-room treated injuries blamed on toys this year. Photoshop toys which are bad in one way or another and have the adverse effect on morals or health, etc. You are welcome to change the existing toy or design the new ones. The toys must be for kids and babies, and not adults. Here's a good good example.

Funny Bad Toys

Bad Toys
U.S. and Japan are tightening toy safety standards after numerous incidents with toys imported from China showing harmful levels of lead found in stuffed toys and toy cars. Under the new laws in both Japan and U.S., when companies import toys, they will need to submit a toy inspection safety certificate, and sampling inspections will be regularly conducted. Photoshop toys which are bad in one way or another and have the adverse effect on morals or health, etc. You are welcome to change the existing toy or design the new ones. The toys must be for kids and babies, and not adults. Here's a good good example.

Funny Partial Toys

Partial Toys
After recalls of toys made in China, U.S. lawmakers are pushing for tighter laws on imports of Chinese toys and higher safety standards. Chinese toy industry is suffering a massive drop in demand from the United States, due to some toys containing toxic levels of lead and other heavy metals. With all these toys that China produced and can not sell, perhaps they can still use them in the following way: Photoshop any products, objects, architecture, animals, insects or people partially made with toy parts. A good example may be a car which has toy doors and wheels (life size), or a gun which has toy gun parts. Please remember that cyborgs and robots are not made of toy parts and will be disqualified. E.g. A body with a toy head is an example of acceptable entry, but a body with a cyborg head is not acceptable in this contest.

Funny LEGO Toys

A giant LEGO toy was fished out of the sea in the Dutch city of Zandvoort. The "LEGO man" measures 8 feet tall and was first noticed as "something flowing from the direction of England" by a woman on the beach. The origins of this LEGO toy remain unknown but it's already attracting many children who play on the beach next to the life-sized smiling toy. Photoshop "LEGO world" any way you like. Some examples are: LEGO toys of life-sizes living in the real world, LEGO toys in paintings and movies, LEGO parts in some celebrities, etc.

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