George Bush Visit USA Tourism Poster
George Bush Visit USA Tourism Poster
George Bush Visit USA Tourism Poster. Please view in full Sicko Source George W white house W's John Hancock
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...who needs enemas.

Funny Las Vegas Tourism Poster

Las Vegas Tourism Poster
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He's been found guilty, serves him right.
OJ’s email address: enter.slash.slash.backslash.escape Simpson
Ha ha ha ha RealMeert. Freaking hilarious...
. I think he was set up but he deserved it. Rot OJ
So true Meert.
I live in Las Vegas and this has been the biggest show here. I hope he enjoys the new logo wear he has: "CCDC" brand (Clark County Detention Center).And, yes he will stay in Vegas for a long time...

Funny African Tourism Poster

African Tourism Poster
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I love the grainy effect and color. Nice job.

Funny France Tourism Toilet Poster

France Tourism Toilet Poster
Welcome to Sarkoland .
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"Poo" is verboten in the guidelines
Forgive me but aren't you 'Skirting' the rules already. It may not be vomit but...Oh wait maybe I do see some.

Funny Visit Djibouti Tourism Poster

Visit Djibouti Tourism Poster
This is dedicated to my dad who served 6 months of active duty in the US Naval Reserves in the place he called the **hole of the world...wonderful Djibouti. That is pronounced Ji-booty. So yes that means my dad was one of the seamen in Djibouti. map of Djibouti Djibouti flag Djibouti street
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Love the poster and the author's story behind it.

Funny Holland Tourism Poster

Holland Tourism Poster
I miss this place.
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, jeremix, I lived in Holland for 9 years. We must be neighbors
I live in New Jersey. I visited The Dam for the first time in July. I love that place.
Haven't visited the States yet, but if i have some money and time i will go there for sure. Funny chop by the way. Had thought it would've end higher in the chards

Funny Saudi Arabia Tourism Advert

Saudi Arabia Tourism Advert
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There are still places there where no man has been before. :|
Yeh it is a cute source pic, like the wordplay though.
Congrats jeremix. great comedy here. love the chop. enjoy your bronze.
Yo, thanks guys. Had my money on the Afghanistan chop though.
Great job jeremix... This one just cracked me up... Congrats
Good work and funny concept. congrats Jeremix

Funny Phuket Tsunami Tourism Advert

Phuket Tsunami Tourism Advert
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It's always fun tp order the "Phuket Seafood" dish at the local Thai place.

Funny Burma Tourism Poster

Burma Tourism Poster
A simple looking poster with a very serious meaning. study of burmese landmine amputees map of Burma blood spatter Burmese flag detail

Funny Moon Tourism Poster

Moon Tourism Poster
If one needs some serious separation from the grind of the daily schedule.
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Not technically a country in the world, but a good chop.
the world describes the universe. Our planet would be called earth

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