Honolulu Tourism
Honolulu Tourism
Honolulu Tourism. After the earthquake, to spur tourism, Honolulu Tourism Bureau begins a new Ad campaign.
Member reactions:
If this island's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'
- Hon, is there anything good on TV. - Just some earthquake in Honolulu - Glad we didn't go there this summer

Funny Indonesia tourism

Indonesia tourism
With the advent of the "Don't Panic" attitude, Indonesia takes advantage and sets to press its new Tourism promotional campaign.
Member reactions:
Nice idea, but I see some white outlines above he girls' heads.
nice lokking girls but the girl on the left just make the pic look fake other thn that nice job

Funny Tourism Canada

Tourism Canada
Tourism by train is advertised because there is much to see in the beautiful nation of Canada.

Funny I'm here for tourism

I'm here for tourism
Richard Branson: I didn't leave UK for tax reasons
Member reactions:
Hahaha, he looks like a poor Indian dude.

Funny Horror Tourism

Horror Tourism
Member reactions:
Horror Tourism .. A freaky concept visualized here. How can that Girl Enjoying the crash
She's happy because she predicted the crash and is now the new modern day Nostradamus, right.

Funny Egyptian Tourism

Egyptian Tourism
Member reactions:
Good caricature....not sure if Marilyn fits the comp...

Funny Presidents Promoting Tourism

Presidents Promoting Tourism

Funny Egyptian Tourism Poster

Egyptian Tourism Poster
...While there's still a Country to visit.
Member reactions:
great slogan..

Funny Egyptian Tourism

Egyptian Tourism
Member reactions:
Egypt, the easy place to visit, not an easy place to leave

Funny Space Tourism Dream

Space Tourism Dream
Inaugurating the First included trips to space tourism
Member reactions:
Nice concept. Hope the space tourism is not another bubble burst

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