Danny Trejo Tough Guy
Danny Trejo Tough Guy
Danny Trejo Tough Guy. Member reactions:
High marks for detail and personality. Not sure I'd recognize him as Trejo independently of this contest.
Congrads on the Gold as the old song goes, It had to be you.
Oh and I'm the only one who thought it was a 10 perfect.
Outstanding tough guy caricature for a truly tough guy. Congrats on winning the Gold, Hitman.
Darn TOP PIC, fantastic work on this Tim, Love it, Congrats👌
Freak'n Great. Congrats on the Gold, Hits.

Funny Tough guy, no hunting here. Get banana for first time.

Tough guy, no hunting here. Get banana for first time.
Member reactions:
I hope banana is not a problem and picture will stay in the contest.

Funny Texas Lawn Ranger is tough too

Texas Lawn Ranger is tough too

Funny John Kerry the Baby Talks Tough With Iran

John Kerry the Baby Talks Tough With Iran
There is a saying that people get the leaders they deserve. I guess we've screwed up pretty badly to deserve the ones the US has now. It's a good time for satire.
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver swashbuckle 😄
Nice little money chop. Very well done. Cup congrats, mate.
Loved yours, beautiful work..Congrats : )
Congrats on the bronze, Swash. Cool satire

Funny Tough Times For Keith Richards

Tough Times For Keith Richards
Member reactions:
Whaaat. No comments. I thought this was a crack-up. Funny-knowing that he could make money playing anywhere at any time.

Funny Tough Barack Obama with American Flag

Tough Barack Obama with American Flag
Is Obama Tough Enough.
Member reactions:
great character ,, he pops out at you,, very crisp.
Ahhh excellent characterizing. I hereby admit you into the House of Hoaxers for providing us with this most excellent entertainment. May you get the votes it deserves
Congrats FW. Obama looks tougher here than in real life.
congratulations funkwood... nice work
Thanks everyone. It's probably one of my tamer caricatures, I was really surprised to win this one. Still had loads of fun. Cheers.
And you were extremely respectful which is something I would find difficult to do. Congratulations for a tasteful rendition and Win. Master Funkwood is BACK.
Congrats Funkster, great job Obama is tough enough, he kicked the Generals butt.... Superb crisp and clean presentation.
Congrats on the gold, funkster. Can we do it. Yes we can.

Funny Tough Obama Soldier

Tough Obama Soldier
Hardened Obama Plans New Fights
Member reactions:
Not too bad at all. The green filter is an interesting selection that I have not seen done. This one has a cup written all over it
Fantastic work funkwood. I love those colors.
Congrats Funkster Nice job, especially the facial work.
Thanx all. This one was a real struggle at first. I started with a different face pic of him and got halfway thru the chop & realized it wasn't working. So i found another face & it just clicked after that. Cheers.
You on top of the mountain, great job, congratulations.
funkwood congratulations great chop.....

Funny Be Tough

Be Tough
"You ain't TOUGH till you get your eyelids pierced" ....
Member reactions:
No thanks. I have trouble sleeping as it is.

Funny Tough Kids

Tough Kids
Let's get ready to rumble.
Member reactions:
the captions are great, and so is the idea

Funny Tough Golf Shot

Tough Golf Shot
Member reactions:
. Should my mind be in the gutter right now.

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