Everything touched by democrats turns to red and into poop
Everything touched by democrats turns to red and into poop
Everything touched by democrats turns to red and into poop. Democratic wizards, everything they touch turns to red and into poop. Congratulates Romney, you have awesome new red leash.

Funny Never touch my cigar and saxophone!

Never touch my cigar and saxophone!
Never touch my cigar and saxophone.
Member reactions:
Dang, he should use a Whip with Spikes, good chop.
Very Entertaining Job. Top5grats, Andrew.

Funny Uncle Joe AKA Mr Touch

Uncle Joe AKA Mr Touch
Able to creep you out with one touch
Member reactions:
Funny Stuff, Fugit. Congrats on the Silver.
, Congrats on your win Fugit, good one, he is Creepy.

Funny Curious Great Dane Touching a Beehive

Curious Great Dane Touching a Beehive
Member reactions:
Hahahahahaha sooooo cute... You got a T 5 Kudo...
Congrats on top 5, Andwhat. Nice, colorful picture.

Funny Abstract Gods Touch

Abstract Gods Touch

Funny Finger Touching the World

Finger Touching the World
Planet and star field done from scratch (cep the textures) anyway please critique and check out full please
Member reactions:
nice but you must work again on lighting to make it more amazing
Any suggestions on lighting. Like do you mean the hand or the space lighting.
Agree with kratos do I; perhaps the planet(s) would look better as if the (sun)light were coming from 'over your shoulder' as you look at it. Just a thought... but the way it is now the moon would be in planet's shadow ... eclipsed as it were.....see what I mean.
Ok so i moved the light source to a more 'over the solder' perceptive, this is a hard one to light without ruining the night texture on the planet. anyway keep up with the ideas guys i want to fine tune this one the best i can Edit: I also put a hint of daylight coming over the east
Just my personal taste, of course, but I would not have made the hand so blue... unless you want to depict a sort of medical examination practiced by a giant smurf. Sorry, Hidden, but I can't help making weird jokes at times. More seriously, if you want to keep it so blue (da ba dee da ba die), you should (again, in my humble opinion) paint the ray surrounding the hand with a brighter and lighter (almost white) blue. Otherwise, it's a very nice chop.
There i desmurfed the hand. "medical examination" maybe its just checking out that hole in the ozone layer... always better to be safe then sorry
That's better, now. Another suggestion (but it's again a matter of personal taste): maybe another source for the hand would look better, something more similar to God's hand in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. The Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodly appendage would be a humorous alternative, but alas, it has not the same aesthetic value...

Funny The Barack Obama iBama Touch

The Barack Obama iBama Touch
Obama's all over the news - even inspiring new Apple products. News source: Give Your iPhone an Obama Bump Image sources
Member reactions:
Excellent, especially in full view. I like your story choice. Obamania is hitting the nation.
Congrats Jest3r Nice job blending the face in.
Very nicely done, great imagination and excellent execution... Congrats jest3r
Great to see you back on the podium again, jest3r. Congrats on the bronze
Congrats on the bronze jest3r. Great work.

Funny God Touching a Woman

God Touching a Woman
Member reactions:
Great. I'd increase the saturation of the Painting part

Funny Hand Touching the Moon

Hand Touching the Moon

Funny God Touching Adam

God Touching Adam
Member reactions:
Soften the Shadows and Lower their opacity, adjust the perspective of the reflection so that it appears to be lying flat rather than hanging vertically, could lower the opacity on that also. Add shadows from the OOB objects onto the frame and matting. If you do all those things I'll give you a freaking 8, cause that's just the kind of guy I am.
Looks great ... but ... the shadows from the frames and OOB's disagree with each other. The picture on the left's shadow goes in a different direction to the frame on the right's shadow...... Also agree about the perspective of the reflection suggestion that babaloo made above.
Great job here.. but the shadows are throwing it all off. Agree with above.. fix it and it could be brilliant.
aeeeeeeeeeeeee... congratulations... again.....

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