Barbara Streisand Toucan
Barbara Streisand Toucan
Barbara Streisand Toucan. Member reactions:
Like her face and the nose good one funny bit

Funny Mutant Toucan

Mutant Toucan

Funny American Toucan

American Toucan

Funny Toucan Mouth Eyes

Toucan Mouth Eyes
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Funny Tom Cruise Marries a Toucan

Tom Cruise Marries a Toucan
Now known as Tomcan.
Member reactions:
Love toucans, ornery critters and the only thing missing from this pic is bird crap. Hahahaha Joni says the kid in the pic is good lookin. I said, Settle down grandma Really clean work.
Bird crap is above shoulder and also ring on the toucan.
Congrats Rain. LOVE tucans, so this one was my fav. Funny we ended up using such similar source pics. hehe. I'm glad you changed his face to Tom. Suits the image much better. And I love the wedding ring.
congrats... is there a significants with cruise and using a fruitLOOP,,LOl
Joni says the other guy is better looking The ring and bird doodie is priceless. Tom would crack up at this. Congradulations, great chop
Deb, yeah the SXC model was popular. That photographer has a knack for great color and lighting. Preemiememe, Fruit loops means crazy or kooky, which seemed to fit Cruise and the headshot was a good match too. Thanks all for the kind words
Tomcan. Congratulations on the silver and bronze, Rain.

Funny Toucan with a Painted Beak

Toucan with a Painted Beak
Member reactions:
Two colors weren't enough for this Toucan.

Funny Toucan Tiger

Toucan Tiger
Member reactions:
I'd be the perfect cereal spokescat..... really.
The report said that the radiation leakage was minor at the reserve
looks very strange, probably could have used a little more transition from animal to animal

Funny Uncle Sam Toucan

Uncle Sam Toucan
Uncle Toucan Sam
Member reactions:
I love this one my personal fav. Great chop.
Simple, but elegant and cool. Next time consider a Canadian flag though, it would be a nice change of pace. Well for me anyway

Funny Twisted Toucan Sam

Twisted Toucan Sam
Toucan Sam

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