Backstage Torture Pop Art
Backstage Torture Pop Art
Backstage Torture Pop Art. Quote from IRON MAIDEN - ('The duellists -no prayer for the dying album )... "Meanwhile.. the reaper looks on.."

Funny Chili Torturing

Chili Torturing
You're in enemy hands, the case has revealed segrdo You get to eat WORST torture

Funny The Latest in Torture

The Latest in Torture
A new twist on a Cheney favorite.

Funny Renoirs' Torture Of RealMeert

Renoirs' Torture Of RealMeert
Wanted to try this one with a different texture.

Funny Joe Lieberman Torturing Mouse

Joe Lieberman Torturing Mouse
Joe Lieberman: PURE SCUM

Funny Dick Cheney Defends Torture

Dick Cheney Defends Torture
Cheney keeps defending torture
Member reactions:
This movie was on TV just the other night.. I always make my husband turn it to another channel during the 'dentist' part.
Chris Matthews was showing Cheney talking about the drilling the other day. Then showed Laurence Olivier. Inspiration.

Funny White House Torture Photos

White House Torture Photos

Funny Condoleezza Rice Approves Torture

Condoleezza Rice Approves Torture
Condoleezza Rice First To Approve Torture
Member reactions:
Gonna be hard to beat this one in the News in Pictures category.. Hard-hitting political statement. High over the center field fence. A GRAND SLAM...
Our torture seems like frat party antics compared to what extremist are capable of. It doesn't make any of it right nor any more effective. Stupid people. Great story, great chop.

Funny Pizza Torture

Pizza Torture

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