The Torture Of  RealMeert
The Torture Of  RealMeert
The Torture Of RealMeert. This was fun.Please view full
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man, that delicious rat is just out of reach.
Hey Realmeert, just like to let you know, I had alot of fun with your pic.

Funny Tortured Soul

Tortured Soul
Titel: Tortured Soul Autor: "Exploding Art" Fotograf: "MURDOC the PSYCHO" Model: "M.Decker"
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Thanks you, was a hard job to do. The crown he is wearing in handmade ans only a small part in the whole series Glad you like it

Funny Tortured Man

Tortured Man
Photo taken with Olympus E510 Texture by Manipulation done with Wacom Bamboo Worktime about 8 hours Model: M.Novak

Funny Bush and Cheney Torturing Nancy Pelosi

Bush and Cheney Torturing Nancy Pelosi
In a surprise move by the CIA, the agency waterboarded The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Perrier was used so as not to upset Ms. Pelosi during the enhanced interrogation. Pelosi nothing more to say on her CIA allegation
Member reactions:
Great composition and perfect choice of face source images for this
Pity the image is rather small in full view though.
Congrats on Bronze JJ, I used the same source just over a year ago and only scored 6th place. Go figure, . click here
Congrats JJBelievable on your first trophy A great start and welcome to Freaking News.
too bad this dream can't come true....nice work
Congrats JJBelievable. I was looking to do something with this source and ended up with a wooden Pelosio instead. Nice expressions chosen, funny.
First entry = first trophy. Congratulations, and big welcome to Freaking News.

Funny Dick Cheney Master Of Torture

Dick Cheney Master Of Torture
The Face Of Torture: Dick Cheney
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Fixed incorrect BBcode for news link. Please read the directions for this contest on how to make a link. Thanks
Mr.AZ.thank you the somewhat muddled brain is easily confused..what seems perfectly clear and clean cut to everyone else, can turn into a giant ball of confusion to me...thamks again.....C

Funny Harry Potter's Torture Chamber

Harry Potter's Torture Chamber
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I suggest darkening the picture (or maybe just the background) to give it more gloom and mystery.
Definitely. It look more in line with Harry Potter posters which are mostly dark.

Funny FBI Torturing a Prisoner Painting

FBI Torturing a Prisoner Painting
"Sorry old man, read it & weep." Ironic that the Patriot Act doesn't bother anyone but true patriots, isn't it. Original image by Dirck van Bauburen:original painting
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Uncle Sam is well done, but I don't understand why the FBI agent is holding a caduceus and wearing a winged Mercury hat.
CB....maybe it's a Symbolic hope that american justice has a speedy recovery from her debilitating blindness.....

Funny Torture of Saddam

Torture of Saddam
I think it's time for a taste of his own medicine.

Funny Barack Obama Torturing a Prisoner on the Muppets

Barack Obama Torturing a Prisoner on the Muppets
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I was just watching a tv show called a 1,000 ways to die and in one segment was on Furry Orgies and this pic reminded me of it. Never heard of Furry Orgies before and for a quick explanation -An gathering of sweaty men that usually takes places in parks. The gathering of sweaty men consists of many people dressed in furry animal suits such as pandas, gorillas, bears, squirrels.....
good to see Obama between the Muppets good job

Funny Man Being Tortured

Man Being Tortured
... he's our friend RICKYTREK1, as usual

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