Dick Cheney Defends CIA Torture Tactics
Dick Cheney Defends CIA Torture Tactics
Dick Cheney Defends CIA Torture Tactics. Cheney defends the CIA's methods of interrogation
Member reactions:
Congrats pcrdds. Happy Holidays to you as well. ; )
Congrads on the Silver Cup, Waterboard is bad,but cut off heads or airplanes into building is OK.
Congrats on the triple Doc, awesome effort in this contest.
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze, and Wood.
Congrats on the Triplefecta Doc. Amazing.
Thanks, HH, Tim, Funky, Andrew, Bob and Splat.

Funny Barack Obama Urged To Release Torture Report

Barack Obama Urged To Release Torture Report
Obama has been urged to release the CIA prisoner, torture report
Member reactions:
Seeing their faces would be torture for anyone.
The American voter is in the cell next door... holding his/her nose
The man on the left with blue eyeglasses looks the most dangerous.
Good one again and I must agree with your earlier comment...It is torturous seeing my mug up there, .

Funny Ibis Torture Chamber

Ibis Torture Chamber
Torture your competition.
Member reactions:
Excellent composition. Colours and lights are perfect.
Freaking brilliant. Had to laugh especially at Geico Gecko.

Funny Barack Obama Torturing Vladimir Putin

Barack Obama Torturing Vladimir Putin
The Obama administration now is threatening more sanctions by early next month that could deeply disrupt life in Russia by squeezing the flow of dollars to the country’s financial system.
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With vaseline is not a sanction. Excellent.
This time he should "get it", hahaha. I see the calendar is a Freaking News calendar too

Funny Presidents Torture Bradley Manning

Presidents Torture Bradley Manning
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All 3 with there best natural attitude for the situation...and the logically true red marks on his butt is crazy shot here. good luck
All looks so stunned to see him leaking their secrets on the laptop very crazy guy... will never change
Idiots like Bradley Manning should not be born at all.

Funny Tortured Woman

Tortured Woman
Member reactions:
Another example of Dr. Chuckles' braces. Scary image.
It looks like her lips were burned to show the Braces of her teeth Cannot imagine this kind of torture to anybody
Yikes... That is how you say, macabre. Well crafted

Funny Tortured Baby Bear in a Cage

Tortured Baby Bear in a Cage
Baby bear being tortured
Member reactions:
The story and video broke my heart.
Me too Ricketish Thank you D-man and Chili.
Heart touching story good job in the chop as well like the bear take her to her mommy
This entry is so professional I appreciate this work hidden good luck
Very glad you like it, many thanks Rajestar, Ericnortend
Woody congrats, Lady Sunshin3. Adorable...poor baby bear.
soo nice to see your work.. different an unique ... congrats..

Funny Kids Torturing a Zombie

Kids Torturing a Zombie
Member reactions:
Too good like the concept very much and excellent overall performance little cute boy with the guitar awesome all the best
I thank everyone on behalf of the previous generation

Funny Woman in Torture Chamber

Woman in Torture Chamber
Member reactions:
Different use of the skeleton pic LoL

Funny Osama Bin Laden Torture

Osama Bin Laden Torture
Member reactions:
looks like he'll do well in Hellraiser...cool stuff..

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