American Gothic Tornado
American Gothic Tornado
American Gothic Tornado.

Funny Freak Tornado

Freak Tornado
Member reactions:
Congrats, I was wondering if this was your's,Very good, he a strange little creature, congrats to you.
Congrats on the win Hits, nice thingy with beautiful sky, plane, background.
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. The Best in Freak Show.
Awesome build ,fantastic Hits.Congrats on the gold

Funny The Donald Trump Tornado

The Donald Trump Tornado
Trump on Muslim ban
Member reactions:
Clever composition, but why his hand looks transparent .

Funny Tornando Hunters Taking a Selfie with a Tornado

Tornando Hunters Taking a Selfie with a Tornado
Sources Please View
Member reactions:
I think everyone would love to have a selfie like this. Nice one.
Hurray. I have a friend who storm-chases every summer and so I was inspired to recreate what it might have looked like, were he a bit stupider than he is. Oh, he's not stupid … he'd be pointing at the tornado, then hurrying away. Yeah for Silver. Awesome sauce. Thanks, everyone.
Quality work, looks real. Congrats on the silver, Icy, and thank you for the contest suggestion.
Thanks, everyone. Newsy, your comment "looks real" is the best compliment I can get. THANK YOU.

Funny Jackie Chan in Shark Tornado Movie

Jackie Chan in Shark Tornado Movie
Member reactions:
Thanks pcrdds ,,,Elegary,,geriatric ,Nebraska.. ..
Gold congrats, Pree. Good use of the poster
This movie must be done.. XD Congrant on the Gold.
opcrom He would karate the sharks

Funny Pets Hiding in a Cellar During a Tornado

Pets Hiding in a Cellar During a Tornado
Please stand on your head to read the dog's paper...THANK YOU for your participation.
Member reactions:
OK, now that I stood on my head to read it I have a headache. I will remove 3 voting points for that. And you owe me 6.39 for a bottle of Aspirins.
Gummy. Nice motion effects here
Tornado effects were good... Stormy on outside and peace inside...
Funny chop and Tong of the cat is very long I like this image
Gee Gummy, you are probably the ONLY person to take me serious...your aspirin check is in the mail... Thank you all for the comments.

Funny Tornado in the Heart Land with Flying Cows

Tornado in the Heart Land with Flying Cows
Tornadoe Alley

Funny Chickens Running from a Tornado

Chickens Running from a Tornado

Funny Obama and Biden Avoiding a Tornado

Obama and Biden Avoiding a Tornado
The busy life of the President forces lunches on-the-run, sometimes. FULL VIEW works best.
Member reactions:
Nice concept of Tornado, good to see Obama in the truck with stuff to eat, good work on the boy flying with a box, i like this image
Awesome job, moving on up, Great improvements lately.
Thanks for the votes and comments Pcrdds,Disasterman111,Diamonds, Balodiya & Rajeshstar.

Funny Obama With Tornadoes

Obama With Tornadoes
This "MATTE PAINTING" (created by combining elements taken from over 20 pics) is DEDICATED TO ALL TORNADO VICTIMS IN THE USA.
Member reactions:
This is incredible, so scary, full of real feeling and emotion. Well done.
Great Detail on Obama... Excellent facial expression and the tornado and the lighting strike over the building is very well crafted
Fantastic work, wonderful colors and skin work. good luck.
Splendid Performance Obama Looks very great Like the eye Color
Nice texture and softness of color in this one. Grats PJ.
Congrats on the wood PixJockey, awesome work..

Funny Tornado Man

Tornado Man
It all started when Mr Wessels’s wife, Cecilia, was alerted by their nine-year-old daughter that he was mowing the lawn while a ferocious tornado loomed in the distance. When her husband refused to come inside, saying the cyclone was moving away from them, Mrs Wessels took a photo to show her parents the storm. The photo, which has been shared widely on social media, is a masterclass in nonchalance. Create REALISTIC images that display the same sort of nonchalance that Mr Wessel did as he continued mowing while a tornado played behind him. Use anything that reflects a danger, this could include falling objects, accidents, impending weather, floods, storms, hail, meteors, fire, etc, PLEASE NO ENTERTAINERS or CELEBRITIES. To read more about Tornado Man Visit This Link

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