Lefty Tears
Lefty Tears
Lefty Tears. Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze. Tears from snowflakes . Good job, Kerri

Funny Irish Tear Beer

Irish Tear Beer
Member reactions:
Quite nicely crafted ... It's a winner for crying out loud ... I'll keep an eye open for this beer
Its for those people who left us weeping
Great Irish "spirit" in this chop, Hidden.
Thank you Newsy, Lucianno, Rajeshstar, Qtrmoonchop and Hobbit.
nice still life, hits. good labelwork too. congrats
Thank youChamp, Swashbuckle, Andrew, Jere, HH and Doc
Congrats on the Silver, HS ... if FN had an $ award for tight races, you'd have some nice extra cashflow ...
TY Chris, Hobbit and Qtrmoonshop. It is a little curious how the close ones tend to bend away from my favor disproportionately. Been told it is because I rock the boat occasionally Of course it may also be that I was simply out chopped Ha.

Funny Tearing Marijuana Leaves

Tearing Marijuana Leaves
Member reactions:
Very Funny.. I love this.. I Love this Not...I love this..Excellent Job..

Funny Shed a tear with the Black Widow

Shed a tear with the Black Widow
Member reactions:
Where's the onion. There ain't no stinkin' onion...
Still don't see an onion.
Striking image. I guess the abdomen is the onion, nice.
Yes, I tried to turn the onion into glass to contain the tears...
very well done i say..stuffed if i can do that..
Congrats on your 5th gold, and on your graduation from the Apprentice league, Evirio.
Thanks... so sad to leave those so funny apprentice contests.

Funny Clint Eastwood in Tears of the Sun

Clint Eastwood in Tears of the Sun
Member reactions:
Superb chop. Feels like a pro movie poster, except the vertical text direction makes a bit unusual.
Congrats on the bronze funkwood, awesome chop. Super clean
nice.... the veins finish it off so well congrats.funk)))

Funny Tears of Betrayal

Tears of Betrayal
Hell hath no fury...... Large view for detail. SOURCE
Member reactions:
Playful image...I can see surreal, abstract and pop elements. nice compo & I like the mixture.
Agree with funk. Another trip to fleek world here.

Funny The Ear Tear

The  Ear Tear
Member reactions:
I'm assuming that's Walken ... but no name.

Funny Donald Trump Torn Shirt

Donald Trump Torn Shirt
Just 2 source pics. Body was illustrated
Member reactions:
That is indeed funny And...I didn't know he was so skinny under those suits Very nice image.
MUD, The IRS took 1/2 his fat as well to rub on doorways to squeeze out our funiture when we go delinquent
Clever composition - love the ripped clothes and tie - now that's our beloved IRS. Fantastic body work - looks real. Who's the wiseman in the barrel.. .
Thank you The man in the barrel is country artist, Willie Nelson. He was visciously attacked by the IRS and basically bankrupted. Willie was added at the last minute out of respect.
Ahhh, Willie it is - I recognize him now. But he still reminds me of one wise FNer
We saw Trump in NYC a few years ago when attending the Letterman show. His hair looks no better in person. Luv Willie. Great addition. Congrats on #2.
. This is freaking great Hitman.... BIG Congrats on the silver.
Awwww shucks, thanks gang.... In retrospect, Willie should have been first choice but Donald was pretty irrestable... just because
Freaking great work HS. I thought that was you in the barrel after paying for all those meds and doctor's visits. LoL. Great illistration work, if you cant find a source, make one. That should be an inspiration to all. Don't just be limited to what you can find on the web. The extra nip is a riot. Hope your health is getting better. Congrats on the silver and thanks for all the laughs. P.S. He's always looked so plump under those suits because they were lined with stacks of money.
Congrats Hitspinner Of all the people I could think of that need a head shaving, Trump would of been a top choice. Thanks for the chuckle. Poor Willie though, as in being played the pawn between the IRS and Waterhouse.
He looks better bald than with that hideous combover of his. Maybe he'll see this and get his head shaved. Nice work Hits.
Hahahahahahaha Luna, I thought the same thing when I finished. But that was my version of what I thinke his head might look like. Gawd knows what is really under that nest. But I think he is just schrewed enough to realize that hair is a trademark that goes with the Trump package. Ant- the two nipples were just a really stupid idea to add to a really stupid chop. Rain- Yeah, Waterhouse screwwwwwed him royally. The IRS agreed to wait until Willie's 60+ million lawsuit against Waterhouse was finished befor taking any action. But they lied and took everything cept his braids. They gave no reason for the breach of that agreement other than they have the power to change their minds... aint that sweet. People need to get smart and realize the IRS is a private company under contract with the US government as a collection agency. They aren't federal cops. Vote Ron Paul.
Bee, it may as well be me. I'm doing pretty good, thanks. Waiting to see if I have to go under the knife or get lasered. Thos pesky kidney stones must be made of fish hooks cuz thea ain't a movin. I passed one or two but the boulders remain hahahahaha. When my old band went to Nashville I got mistaken for Willie quite a bit and when we visited his store I thought the staff was going to salute me before they got close enough to see I am a better looking version Hah..... And yep, like I have said all along, develop those illustrating skills. That perfect source aint always to be found... actually rarely found in my case. For this source I wanted an old man's body, torso and shoulder so clicked off safe search and typed in ... old man. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii carumba..... Heheheheh We'll I guess there is hope for those of us over 55 and I'd sure like some of whatever those guys are takin...... There were lots of interesting angles but not the one I needed... (blushes)
Sorry to hear you have medical problems, Spinner. Get well soon and chop on brother.
Belated congrats on one New Jersey of a chop. Great job HS.
Hit: Surgery versus litho.... surgery might be better, actually but I hope you never have to reach that point where you do have to choose one or the other. I think the nipples made this such a good entry. They irresistably gross me out anytime I view this.

Funny Woman with Torn Bank Statement

Woman with Torn Bank Statement
Member reactions:
So true. This could become a great poster

Funny Clown Dog with Balloon Tears

Clown Dog with Balloon Tears

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