Carrot Top With Hair on Fire at Halloween
Carrot Top With Hair on Fire at Halloween
Carrot Top With Hair on Fire at Halloween. Member reactions:
Amazing fire merge of the girls face and very well placement of the stuff like cat and Halloween on the running man

Funny Top Gun Tony Scott in Space

Top Gun Tony Scott in Space
Member reactions:
A top gun with the craziest vehicle going abroad towards heaven... very funny to see the skulls with crown and the gun is really a top class machine...

Funny R.I.P. Top Gun Director Tony Scott

R.I.P. Top Gun Director Tony Scott
Member reactions:
Marvelous job done ... like the way he is giving stills with his camera and the clouds covering him is really a amazing view.... he will continue his skills up above the sky RIP
Gold cup congrads, visionary film maker and chopper too.
Vic is for Victory. Congrats, Vic, fantastic tribute.

Funny Tony Scott the Top Gun Forever

Tony Scott the Top Gun Forever
Member reactions:
Top gun, Top Director and a top personality.... very well done good job done in this chop
Very well showed the character of the great personality

Funny King Kong Climbing on Top of Big Ben

King Kong Climbing on Top of Big Ben
Member reactions:
Please do not critique my entry , why ....
Like the Big Ben and the catching gorilla
Typography looks a bit amateur, idea good. Regarding critique I expect Tjeb forgot to tick the box, or is wary in case he gets cruel comments. Don't know why as we are kind and constructive here.

Funny Top Photoshopper with a Trophy

Top Photoshopper with a Trophy
AZRainman and some of the gang, hangin' at the FN Diner (in a freaking time-warp) HI-RES VIEW source
Member reactions:
Oh my...this is HILARIOUS. I just love the fat waitress and the passengers. Great work, hidden...even down to the toothpicks on the counter, spelling out "Freaking."
Awesome LoL Shouldv titled it "Top Marks"
Love it ....
.... every once and a while i come back to this to sneak a look at this hot waitress... my my.
Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like . . . salah, I wanted to stick you next to Vlad, but I found the photo of your mug too late, mate. Would have liked to include more members need more good source pics.
Shhttt Salis if you don't want to have problems with D-Man ...
Hahaha . Every time I look at your work, there is a new member. Good job hidden .
Great .... well done love the way the word FREAKING is made using the toothpicks and the hologram over the Cup and the DMan standing the far corner waiting for Invitation is really funny Its really an awesome chop and great freaking restaurant treat
This is it, no words required. Appreciate your work my friend. Good luck
Thanks all ... raje, you're in there too.
Such a beautiful smile on "Paulina" ... she must have a great dentist.
you havent missed anything... rains cup has mini rains reflection too.. someones been Stalking ........ Paulina has just the right amount of makeup on,,
Just saw this. Actually very flattering and well done...thanks Fun part us seeing all the things you did with the others and smaller images in the diner , even have my childhood pic in the reflection of the trophy.
Con-Gratz on your Bronze my friend.
Bronze congrats, Billy Mac. Lots of laughs here....
Many thanks to all . . . As I'm sure most, if not all of you have done, I have been making greeting cards for friends for many years, and it's always a lot of fun for both myself, and those involved I'm so glad the gesture has been received with the desired response "NOTHIN' COULD BE FINER "
Finally someone took the time to include me their chops...this is awesome..thanks.
TY & you're welcome Mundo, TY JL Cheers to all FN members. members shown: (from center L-R) AZRainman, pcrdds, Mundo, salis2006, Disasterman111, RickyTrek1, deaddog, rajeshstar, preemiememe, macwithfries,funkwood, DesignerKratos, Sunshin3, NewsMaster, RWPike, Kellie (smurf n' turf by LunaC)
Beyond amazing. brilliant. Well done, I love it.
oh, an updated version, congrats qtrmoonshop and thanx for the laughter
Congrats on the bronze, Bill. Great honor chop for us.

Funny Jim Carrey in a Top Hat with a Rabbit

Jim Carrey in a Top Hat with a Rabbit
Member reactions:
The bugs are fixed. The rose has been removed. Thank you for your comments.
Killer Chop
Thank u very much for comment, toledoeagle, salis2006 and Disasterman111.
Its wonderful. very nice work like this. so good
excellent background, specially the hare showing the time is really good and clean job
Thank you very much for comments, everyone and I'm glad you like it. I'm happy. It was worth it to sweat.
Most excellent . . . . Congrats in advance.
Congratulations. "Amadeus1990 is IN the House." Very nice work.
in the house. Haha, thank u geriatric, my friend and thank u very very much everyone.
whoever the douchebag is that voted this picture a 1 should be beaten and removed from this site....obviously they were trying to make their own picture rate higher or perhaps they are new...either way there is no justifiable excuse for that. Fabulous work. Sorry I didn't get the opportunity to vote.
Awesome comeback chop - Congrats on the win, Amadeus. It's been a looong time since we saw you here last. Welcome back.

Funny Sherlock Holmes Top Of Box Office

Sherlock Holmes Top Of Box Office
Full View PLEASE Sherlock Holmes Tops a Weak Box Office With $40.2M
Member reactions:
Thank you geriatric, Disasterman, rajeshstar, & Sunshin3.
Qtr keep it up with this style, awesome work. Congrats on the bronze.
your skills are fantastic,,,... great work,,, QTr congratulations..
Congrats on the bronze QT. Very cool chop.
Another great chop qtrmoonshop.....congrats on BRONZE.
Many Thanks to everyone . ... Very much appreciated.
Yeah, I see what you mean moon....I think these tech problems can be overcome with practice and perseverance....You got talent though...I only see good things to come...

Funny Top Gear Tribute

Top Gear Tribute
these bone-heads are funny as can be and entertaining.

Funny Tom Cruise in Top Gun Sequel

Tom Cruise in Top Gun Sequel
'Top Gun' sequel on the way
Member reactions:
need to mask out the reflection of the guy in his glasses
Great job but it doesn't fit. Sorry my wireless internet connection is really bad today.
i see deadddogs point. there is a reflection of a mystery person in tom cruise's glasses
Maybe DD meant "why are Civilians on a high security, military flightline." (the reflection...)An airshow. Just a curiosity that adds to the drama of the chop.Or I could be Nuts, too. Nice work.
my question is "why is Mystery Man not wearing a necktie.
I don't see a problem with the civilian guy in the glasses. But I also don't see a reason to ask for image deletion because of such comments. If somebody comments on a great chop and says "it's a crap", is this a reason to remove a great chop. If I were the author I'd rather not care about such comments then get emotional about them.
It seems to me that, the author is being too defensive and not opening themselves up to constructive critique if you set aside your pride, and take the suggestion to heart, I think you may agree that, this is a caricature portrait, and the appearance of an unrelated image in the sunglass reflection, works as a distraction from the portrait. I considered using this image of Tom Cruise in the past, but knew if I was to use it , that my first task was to remove the reflection, or replace it with something related to the chop. I believe this is the point deaddog was alluding to. I see this as positive constructive critique, offered to help make an already great chop become even better.
Thanks qtmoonshop...I was getting a headache over the reflection issue and you explained it very succinctly. Congratulations on the Bronze PSMandrake.
Beautiful job Mandrake. I love this caricature.
Bronze congratulations PSMandrake great caricature work.
Congrats PSM. & I concurr with News - my comment, although in Ironic brakets was perhaps not ironic enough. Now then, 2nd question - is Tom not too short of stature to hold the joystick and reach the pedals at the same time.

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