Barack Obama Putting Toothpaste on Sleeping Joe Biden
Barack Obama Putting Toothpaste on Sleeping Joe Biden
Barack Obama Putting Toothpaste on Sleeping Joe Biden. Member reactions:
Obviously I missed some news item somewhere because I don't get this. Why is the president putting Colgate on a sleeping Biden's neck and why is Michelle hiding from a sleeping man behind the tree. NO offense intended, I just don't get it. The Newsmaster apparently does, though.
Paco, Sleep toothpaste pranks, for your reference. Michelle is laughing behind the tree as Obama is doing the prank for her. My guess is they were hiding and waited till Biden falls asleep. Obama then ran to sleeping Biden to do the trick and Michelle left standing there, observing him. Hope this explanation is sufficient. P.S. When did chops have to be based on real facts/news or be logically justified.
OK. I get it now. Toothpaste pranks emulate *** on the face. I'm glad I was born too early to appreciate it.
Newsmaster: I was under the impression chops should make sense. This is why I asked, because I didn't understand the reference. How are people to rate chops if they seem to make no sense. ", I don't understnd that chop but it is so well done, I am going to give it a 10." That's what it's about.
Pacovilla: We can't tell members how to vote in such cases where they don't understand a chop. A 10 chop though should send a clear message and be perfect technically.
Very Funny. President looks in a good mood.

Funny Alien Advertising Crest Toothpaste

Alien Advertising Crest Toothpaste
What a great ad this would make in a galaxy far far away.
Member reactions:
Great job. I do not want to ever meet such a guy

Funny The Toothpaste Terrorist

The Toothpaste Terrorist
terrorists win.... world wide travelers subjected to privacy violations....
Member reactions:
Now this is just a GENIUS WORK. Amazing what you did. Nice FreakingNews reference too with that toothpaste
Thank you for all of your support. I enjoyed creating something from scratch for this one.

Funny Rembrandt Toothpaste

Rembrandt Toothpaste

Funny Toothpaste Car Racers

Toothpaste Car Racers
Member reactions:
Cars especially effective to fight road cavities

Funny Oreo Toothpaste

Oreo Toothpaste

Funny Beef Toothpaste

Beef Toothpaste

Funny Green Toothpaste Brand

Green Toothpaste Brand
Please view full to see the Crusty goodness.
Member reactions:
Congratulations, Luna, - genius concept and execution.
Congrats Lunac Now flavored with reactor fuel rods.
Congratulations, Luna, but I'll stick with Crest
Love this. Congrats on a great entry Luna.

Funny Iraqi Toothpaste

Iraqi Toothpaste
It tastes bloody great.

Funny Toothpaste for Vampires

Toothpaste for Vampires
Member reactions:
good idea there for our friend Dr.dracula.
Brilliant entry, but it should say "My life depends on them" , not "FROM"

Funny Toothpaste

Say hello to a new solar toothbrush which works without toothpaste. The brush releases electrons in the mouth causing a chemical reaction that breaks down plaque better than traditional toothpaste brushing. The toothbrush got the first prize at the FDI Annual World Dental Conference. The brush creators say it is only a matter of time when it replaces conventional toothbrushes and makes toothpaste obsolete. So, will we see no toothpaste in a couple of years? Let's make it a tribute contest to toothpaste, and photoshop toothpaste any way you like. Some examples are: make a new brand of toothpaste, merge two toothpaste brands, put toothpaste in unusual tubes and containers (strangely shaped, super-sized, etc.), merge toothpaste tube with some other product, object or even animal. These are just some ideas.

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