Toothless Morgan Freeman
Toothless Morgan Freeman
Toothless Morgan Freeman.

Funny Toothless Duchess of Cambridge

Toothless Duchess of Cambridge
She forgot to put her teeth in.
Member reactions:
She is looking like a new born baby.... so cute with toothless smile
Congratulations on Your Gold AzureSky. Fantastic Work. Excellent source image. She's So Purdy.
Very nice job AzureSky. Congratulations on gold. ; )

Funny Scarlett Johansson Toothless

Scarlett Johansson Toothless
Poor Scarlett got gum disease and lost all her teeth.

Funny Toothless Sylvio Berlusconi

Toothless Sylvio Berlusconi
mr. Berlusconi
Member reactions:
Looks like a real celebrity with no teeth... all the bees were enjoying their new home

Funny Toothless Nancy Pelosi

Toothless Nancy Pelosi
Member reactions:
The aftereffects of using Obama Care... Use with Care or else your will go old and toothless
Freaking stuff's side effect beware of O'care

Funny Toothless Ron Howard

Toothless Ron Howard

Funny Toothless Obama

Toothless Obama
Member reactions:
He looks too old in this choop... a perfect way to represent himself the big brother of Popeye
Bronze Congrats crusader, hilarious well done.
Congratulations Crusader... Funny Stuff...

Funny Toothless Julia Roberts

Toothless Julia Roberts
Member reactions:
Something missing here. Oh yes, all her teeth.
She looks beautiful eventhough there is no tooth at all

Funny Bruce Willis Toothless

Bruce Willis Toothless
Member reactions:
Now he looks soft.... A Good Day to Die Soft

Funny Toothless Angelina Jolie

Toothless Angelina Jolie
Becuthe i have a fantathtic Lipth.. original photo
Member reactions:
Be better with Angie's lips more prominent.
Very good job, showing how the mouth changes as the teeth are gone.
Awesome job done to the original.... a perfect and clean work shown here

Funny Toothless Celebrities

Toothless Celebrities
Just like a simple photoshop job can turn any celebrity into a beauty queen, even a simpler photoshop job can turn any celebrity into a toothless freak. Today you have a simple dental work to do - remove ALL the teeth of your favorite (or not so favorite) celebrity - photoshop completely toothless celebrities. Here are some quick examples. Please make sure that no single tooth remains in those celebrity mouths - make a clean job of removing 'em all!

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