Dangerous Toothbrush
Dangerous Toothbrush
Dangerous Toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes causing problems
Member reactions:
Good since Yellow tooth is out
what a bloody act...., better to have a manual toothbrush very well done with the ripping of tooth and the mouth looks so real

Funny Oral-B Extreme Toothbrush Drill

Oral-B Extreme Toothbrush Drill
Member reactions:
Hilarious concept and very clean execution. I like the big smile in the background too.
Thank you for the nice words deaddog try it... xD
Congrats Mark, imaginging this being used gives me a chuckle
Bronze congrats, MD. I use Oral-b myself.
Darn it I missed the smile, I was so busy admiring the drill brush idea. Well done.

Funny Gorilla's in Toothbrush

Gorilla's in Toothbrush
Member reactions:
I like the way you think. "Outside of the box" entry

Funny Hockey Player's Toothbrush

Hockey Player's Toothbrush
Please look large---It's a lot bigger in full view.
Member reactions:
Full view is truly superb. Love the satire in this chop. I am a big fan of hockey.

Funny Toothbrush Teeth with a Dinosaur

Toothbrush Teeth with a Dinosaur
Fresh breath.
Member reactions:
Quality work. I like the edit - you made it lighter I think.

Funny Cigarette Toothbrush

Cigarette Toothbrush
...with ash fresh toothpaste.

Funny Blue Slug on a Toothbrush

Blue Slug on a Toothbrush
A new oral cleaning system was approved after see that Gums Snails can finish with some kind of bacterias and viruses that causes oral diseases. Based on this NEWS. Take time to view full. Thanks to skrasii from sxc for let me use his awsome image.

Funny Oral G Toothbrush

Oral G Toothbrush
Member reactions:
Great work. I wanted to do a hair dryer but couldn't find a good engine.

Funny Toothbrush Roller Coaster

Toothbrush Roller Coaster
Member reactions:
Would hate to be the person in the rear. Ugh

Funny Gadget Toothbrush

Gadget Toothbrush
The Agency Asked for extra funds for mass marketing to make these brushes into a household item.
Member reactions:
These look like Redneck Toothbrushes Why would you wanna spy on a Redneck.

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