In Memory of Tony Scott Director
In Memory of Tony Scott Director
In Memory of Tony Scott Director. Late for the 'Remembering Tony Scott' contest but, not forgotten. I discovered the movie 'Domino' a few weeks ago and was very pleased with this man's work. Stars Pay Tribute to Tony Scott
Member reactions:
Great tribute. Love the way you inserted the pics into the filmstrip.
Thanks for the kind comments all. You have all taught me something about Photoshoppery which I appreciate.
RIP Tony... very well done to picture him here... really a great actor and good personality.
Nice film role and Mr. Tuff with super awards
Awesome job, I'm impressed, Great improvements lately and top 10.
Great looking chop geriatric nice work and nice tribute.

Funny Tony Scott the A Team

Tony Scott the A Team
Tony Scott produced the 2010 movie, The A-Team.
Member reactions:
He produced a lot of Emmy award-winning TV shows but, my favorite is: 'Domino', a movie. Nice work.
There is only plan A priority should be taken and the good chop is the priority .. well done

Funny Tony Scott Smiling From Heaven

Tony Scott Smiling From Heaven
Member reactions:
Great work with the source, nice mix of fog and the lovely plants like the idea of putting his head bigger than life... well done
good thinking showing the way of life, nice job
So Nice thought and very well executed good job
Lots of thanks Subhraj1t, Rajeshstar, Burnsey, Suni, Balodiya very glad you like it
Let the sun shine in, wonderful chop, what's new.
Many thanks for congrats Jcsuperman, Vicspa, Geriatric, Pcrdds, Hohouse nothing new here, just happy to back chopping
Love the juicy colors here. Congrats on the silver, Sun.

Funny Tony Scott the Angel

Tony Scott the Angel
Member reactions:
Great poster design. well done to include the Movie camera and the logo designed with his name Tony Scott
Thx, it's based on the movie poster of top gun...
Personally... my favorite in the contest. Congrats on the bronze, r-man. and nice to see you back.

Funny Tony Scott the Park Director

Tony Scott the Park Director
Member reactions:
too hilarious poor little dog.... very funny to see Hillary going crazy by looking at the dog... very funny

Funny Remembering Tony Scott

Remembering Tony Scott
RIP Tony Scott
Member reactions:
Nice and beautiful job done, like him with a smile always on his face and the pigeons were the symbol of peace.. RIP

Funny Top Gun Tony Scott in Space

Top Gun Tony Scott in Space
Member reactions:
A top gun with the craziest vehicle going abroad towards heaven... very funny to see the skulls with crown and the gun is really a top class machine...

Funny Tony Scott and his Bicycle

Tony Scott and his Bicycle
God bless...we will always remember
Member reactions:
I live just a few miles from where he was born so it means something to me as well as his films.

Funny R.I.P. Top Gun Director Tony Scott

R.I.P. Top Gun Director Tony Scott
Member reactions:
Marvelous job done ... like the way he is giving stills with his camera and the clouds covering him is really a amazing view.... he will continue his skills up above the sky RIP
Gold cup congrads, visionary film maker and chopper too.
Vic is for Victory. Congrats, Vic, fantastic tribute.

Funny Tony Scott the Director

Tony Scott the Director
Member reactions:
The last foot prints of Tonny... great job done hidden. you need a real Thank you

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