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Funny Tongue Pictures

Teeth and Tongue YumFunny Teeth and Tongue Yum
Member reactions:

Bigger fish eat smaller fish, likewise bigger teeth eat smaller one well done

Girls With Guitar TonguesFunny Girls With Guitar Tongues
Member reactions:

A play on words.
Man, I gotta wonder where you get your sources...

Tongue Tied Lizard on StageFunny Tongue Tied Lizard on Stage
Member reactions:
just thought i would try something different...hope you like it
its rango...the new johny depp movie. sorry for the spelling
Totally original hahahaha, I have no idea what the message is but visually it is pretty darn cool

The Man with the Golden Tongue Ted WilliamsFunny The Man with the Golden Tongue Ted Williams
Member reactions:

This guy Rocks. Working Video of Teds Discovery
yeah, I just saw the video of this Guy yesterday, quite impressive and Inspiring story, and Beautiful chop by the way,
Thanks Salis. Positive comments are like gold cups to me.
Excellent. however I wish the mac & cheese was higher res.
Thanks preemiememe and Thanks deaddog for the tip. mac & cheese now a bit higher res
I wanna thank you for the excellent chop and the news which I would otherwise miss - I now saw the videos with the man and the whole Today's Show with him, thanks to you.
FrEAKING New Jersey. Thanks. This Dude is now on my Hero list.
crusader234 (((WONDERFUL))) congrattsssss....
congrats on the silver..very deserving chop...
Funny stuff. Obama plus Terminator = Abominator.
a silver very gain crusader... compliments
Congrats on the silver, crusader. I like how you showed that the guy seems to be the mix of Obama and Arnie.

Blind Man Sees With TongueFunny Blind Man Sees With Tongue
Member reactions:

Blind soldier 'sees' with his tongue main source
Who needs a seeing dog when you have a seeing tongue. Nice one.

Tongue BurgerFunny Tongue Burger
Member reactions:

Whoa ewww Glad I saw this now, had Burgers 4 dinner last nt o_0 Disgustingly good LoL
Blechhhh have succeeded in grossing me out...well done.
That's disgusting but, well done. I'm hungry.
"yuck tongue burgers again tonight mommy."

Baby with Tongue EyesFunny Baby with Tongue Eyes
Member reactions:

I have to commend you on your Halloween art; this is, really, scary.

Barack Obama as a Child Poking out TongueFunny Barack Obama as a Child Poking out Tongue
Member reactions:

The skin tone and hair make this look like a white kid. Make some adjustments in those areas and this could be a great image of Obama as a boy.
Cheers LunaC. Will have a play in a bit

Strawberry Poking Out TongueFunny Strawberry Poking Out Tongue
Member reactions:

American Flag on TongueFunny American Flag on Tongue
Member reactions:

Doc says your native tongue is no good. Teacher said the same thing

Tongue GirlFunny Tongue Girl - Photoshop this tongue girl image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: making this tongue girl perform some stunts, using this tongue girl image in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the tongue girl into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Marzena Osuchowicz and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Tongues Out!Funny Tongues Out! - (Clickable) Photo of Jessica Biel from this week shows her sticking out an impressively long tongue. At least I think it is tongue, unless a huge pink octopus lives inside her and is about to crawl out for a walk. She might also be impersonating Einstein with his tongue out, but obviously she needs more practice. In other news this week, a clerk used her tongue to dial 911. This is just too much to be a coincidence, folks. Either there's a 'tongue mania' hitting this nation, or it's a sign from above for us to make a 'tongues out' contest. Probably both. And if I remember the old proverb correctly, it's not the size of your mouth, it's how you use your tongue. In this contest you are asked to photoshop (living or dead) celebrities and politicians with their tongues sticking out. Feel free to photoshop them doing things with tongues (Safe For Work only). You can make tongues longer, thicker, and bigger. How about showing celebrities / politicians kissing each other with extra long tongues? Dialing phone numbers with tongues? You are the tongue master today.

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