funky tongue
funky tongue
funky tongue.

Funny Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied

Funny Kelly Megyn Poking Her Tongue Out at Donald Trump

Kelly Megyn Poking Her Tongue Out at Donald Trump
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Member reactions:
schoolyard fight.

Funny Cat got your tongue

Cat got your tongue
Imagine a cat eating or holding your tongue. Would you be able to speak. No, probably not. That is exactly what the phrase means. If a cat got your tongue, you are unable to speak. Your silence is oddly suspicious. Apparently, the phrase stems from the middle ages when witches were greatly feared. It was said that if you saw a witch, her cat would somehow “steal” your tongue so you couldn’t report the sighting. Not a nice thought but definitely a reason why you would be speechless. Example: Come on. Tell us what you think about our little party. What’s the matter. Cat got your tongue.
Member reactions:
Love the chop and the trivia behind this famous phrase.
If you would have taken off the text on the tongue and had the tongue grasped between two cat paws, it would have been a lot better and scored higher.

Funny Tongue Book by Miley Cyrus

Tongue Book by Miley Cyrus

Funny Miley Cyrus Has A Bad Drug Reaction on Her Tongue

Miley Cyrus Has A Bad Drug Reaction on Her Tongue
Miley Cyrus has a bad reaction to a drug and is hospitalized

Funny Mick Jagger's Tongue Logo Artist

Mick Jagger's Tongue Logo Artist
Artist trashes Jagger in media SOURCE
Member reactions:
Good Caricature and nice makeover of his lips and tongue very creative

Funny Miley Cyrus Puts a Lock on her Tongue

Miley Cyrus Puts a Lock on her Tongue
Member reactions:
Good work in putting the hole in the tongue
I can't stop thinking how PAINFUL that looks, even though I've seen some monsters almost as big in real life...
Hahaha, that's surely one resolution that won't be easy to keep for her.
Home run hahaha, and you know these people we lambast are rich enough to have us greased in a nano second. Congrats on the Silver cup

Funny Woman with a Gigantic Tongue

Woman with a Gigantic Tongue
Member reactions:
Great ... good coming out of tongue... mind your tongue or else it will stretch more.... will come out of the frame
Awesome. I'd buy that for a dollar. Send me her resume. *~}{~*

Funny Teeth and Tongue Burger

Teeth and Tongue Burger
Member reactions:
Bigger fish eat smaller fish, likewise bigger teeth eat smaller one well done

Funny Tongue Girl

Tongue Girl
Photoshop this tongue girl image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: making this tongue girl perform some stunts, using this tongue girl image in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the tongue girl into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Marzena Osuchowicz and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Tongues Out!

Tongues Out!
(Clickable) Photo of Jessica Biel from this week shows her sticking out an impressively long tongue. At least I think it is tongue, unless a huge pink octopus lives inside her and is about to crawl out for a walk. She might also be impersonating Einstein with his tongue out, but obviously she needs more practice. In other news this week, a clerk used her tongue to dial 911. This is just too much to be a coincidence, folks. Either there's a 'tongue mania' hitting this nation, or it's a sign from above for us to make a 'tongues out' contest. Probably both. And if I remember the old proverb correctly, it's not the size of your mouth, it's how you use your tongue. In this contest you are asked to photoshop (living or dead) celebrities and politicians with their tongues sticking out. Feel free to photoshop them doing things with tongues (Safe For Work only). You can make tongues longer, thicker, and bigger. How about showing celebrities / politicians kissing each other with extra long tongues? Dialing phone numbers with tongues? You are the tongue master today.

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