Star Wars Walkers in `The Day After Tomorrow` movie
Star Wars Walkers in `The Day After Tomorrow` movie
Star Wars Walkers in "The Day After Tomorrow" movie. Member reactions:
The lightsaber in the statue of liberty really sells this poster for me.

Funny The Day After Tomorrow Ice Age

The Day After Tomorrow Ice Age

Funny Satan's Subjugation Of Tomorrow

Satan's Subjugation Of Tomorrow
Satan's Subjugation Of Tomorrow The Best View Source Images
Member reactions:
Thanks Sulli. Thank you Joan. I'm happy you detected Dali's influence. I also tried to title this in the same flavor as Salvador named his surrealist piece 'The Persistence of Memory' .. No-one really knows for sure what in the heck he meant by the title.
Execellent use of lights and shadows. Cool.
Awesome shades and thrilling theme, silent in the air as horrific beginning of terror. Brilliant work
Thanks very much Lu. Great comment Eric. Thanks.
Deeply impressive (and a tad disturbing) art, hidden.
Thanks NewsMaster. Lots of work in this one. Just my mental image of what He11 looks like. Disturbing is good when it comes to art... No.
Thanks PJ, Gumster, Elegary and Master Sergeant Bob. You guys make this fun for all.
Thanks Doc and hot at the same time..
Congrats on the gold, Double-S. Yeah disturbing is good when it comes to hellish topics, otherwise might as well call it paradise.
Thanks Wanderer. Thanks very much Silver-C. Good to see you back my friend.
Thanks Newsy. I agree. They're no stars in He11's sky. Only embers and asteroids. And just for kicks.... an occasional angry pterodactyl.
Great work Splat. Love this. Adding to Faves.
Thanks a million Luna... and I appreciate the Favorite. It had crossed my mind that fave'n The Devil might be a bit taboo for many a folk.
Dramatic... It is always risky, these red based chops. But you pulled it off with excellence. Congrats on the gold.
Thanx very much Hitman. The Devil was inspired by you. I used the mixer brush to paint him.

Funny The Day After Tomorrow at Christmas

The Day After Tomorrow at Christmas
Member reactions:
Good one... Santa is totally submerged in the snow ... well done good blend
Decent work, though the contrast of light and shadows on the Santa snow figure should be a bit higher to match the rest of the poster.

Funny Tomorrow Land Digital Art

Tomorrow Land Digital Art
Member reactions:
I really liked this, pity I missed the vote argh Funny ST reference

Funny Tomorrows World Monet Painting

Tomorrows World Monet Painting
Member reactions:
Great entry Xman. Congrats. IT looks fururistic, but what the future would look like in the 1950's. Must be cause of the car and the fins on the back of it.(kinda like a concept car of 60 years ago), but it also has a nostalgic feel to it. Nice blending of old and new....
Congrats on the gold, X-man. Monet would be proud.
Thanks all Funkwood- Correct, i was going for the futuristic look and then decided to throw 1959' Cyclone into the mix thus giving it that nostalgia look. by the way- The car is a 1959 Cadillac Cyclone Concept. I've seen this car in person, sweet piece of engineering.
Congrats on the gold Xaos,really Love this work...

Funny Penguins in the Day After Tomorrow

Penguins in the Day After Tomorrow
Member reactions:
Good one, but you may decrease the contrast on the penguins to match the poster

Funny Valentine's Day after Tomorrow

Valentine's Day after Tomorrow

Funny USA Tomorrow

USA Tomorrow
Fear the Future...

Funny Day Ever After Tomorrow

Day Ever After Tomorrow
If you can't beat them, join them.
Member reactions:
Thanks for the reminder...I still haven't seen Shrek 2.

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