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Funny Tomkat Scientology Wedding in Zero Gravity

Tomkat Scientology Wedding in Zero Gravity
Member reactions: very appropriate
Hey Kitten, we may bump into ron up here.
that mini suit with matching bowtie is harrrlarious.
Many excellent details here - the bridal garter on Katie's leg, the bow on Tom's costume, Scientology book, excellent choice of face expressions, and the most brilliant is the midget-sized Tom. Overall genius entry.
It's called a garter NM & I agree re somany details
Congrats Keepitreal L. Ron didn't explain re-entry though...hehe

Funny TomKat

Member reactions:
One of the best ones in this contest. Kudos on the choice of sources and the blending.
nice win allan, good source of pics, congrats
hey nilo. show your stuff, FN miss your work.
Congratulations Allan, image much realist, deserved victory.. Mandrak

Funny TomKat Stone Age Wedding

TomKat Stone Age Wedding
Looks like Tom and Katie have decided to store photos for grandkids, who will be born sooner then you think. Castles are so stone age. P.S. This was to be my news story entry..but it's more suitable here.
Member reactions:
Good idea, but Katie's face seems too yellow. Go to hue/saturation and add some red to it. Also, Tom's face seems to bright. Go to brightness/contrast and lower the brightness. But other than that, good job.
A bit confusing to me. Stone age = Stone castle. Source images are pretty rough. But still amusing to look at.

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