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Funny Tomkat Scientology Wedding in Zero Gravity

Tomkat Scientology Wedding in Zero Gravity
Member reactions: very appropriate
Hey Kitten, we may bump into ron up here.
that mini suit with matching bowtie is harrrlarious.
Many excellent details here - the bridal garter on Katie's leg, the bow on Tom's costume, Scientology book, excellent choice of face expressions, and the most brilliant is the midget-sized Tom. Overall genius entry.
It's called a garter NM & I agree re somany details
Congrats Keepitreal L. Ron didn't explain re-entry though...hehe

Funny TomKat

Member reactions:
One of the best ones in this contest. Kudos on the choice of sources and the blending.
nice win allan, good source of pics, congrats
hey nilo. show your stuff, FN miss your work.
Congratulations Allan, image much realist, deserved victory.. Mandrak

Funny TomKat

Extreme Makeover.
Member reactions:
Just the left side looks a bit flat. im sure katie will love to see this one.

Funny TomKat

Member reactions:
That's so bizarre. ...Looks like a gorilla arm compared to Katie's arm. There's a distinct line where the two colors on the neck come together tho.
Horrifying but nearly perfect. The at those arms.
Good one. Hope they are equally compatible in real life.
I like the hint of stubble on her side. Nice job.
veru nice work. but the face didn't convience
Love it. Prolly greatest chop of TomKat I've ever seen. The hand is a killer.
how in the world did they have a cute child.

Funny TomKat Scientology Wedding

TomKat Scientology Wedding
Everyone who's anyone was there. Even L. Ron, who officiated. The sky was thick with helicopters . . . and UFOs.
Member reactions:
In a galaxy far far away... Scientology is taking over the word. Coming to the brains near you. Is that tinfoil hat on L. Ron's head.
Tin foil indeed, the only sure-fire way to keep reality rays from penetrating.

Funny TomKat Bunk Bed Honeymoon

TomKat Bunk Bed Honeymoon
TomKat enjoying their honeymoon
Member reactions:
Good thing because there is no moaning aloud
Man, I see some magazine next to his bed. Katie will have a good sleep this honeymoon

Funny Google Earth TomKat Wedding!

Google Earth TomKat Wedding!
TomKat caught on Google Earth
Member reactions:
Where are the bride and groom. You could have shown a zoom in.

Funny Madonna adopts TomKat

Madonna adopts TomKat
The war is over.
Member reactions:
, excellent magazine cover, very creative
AWSOME BLEND......... well done integration, very very realistic. Hard to read white text over pink panel but Madonna and kids work is awsome
Can I still eat pork. I've been laughing at that since I 1st saw it. Funny stuff here. I love it.
ok i had an entry here but this entry i will give a high vote. good.
ok i had an entry here but this entry i will give a high vote. good.
very nice
This is outstanding in many regards. Heck, in ALL regards, I'd say. And I didn't laugh so hard in a while
oh my god.... oh my god... what a blending... very very superb entry..

Funny TomKat

Personally, I don't know what all the fuss is about

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