Tombstone Trick or Treaters.
Tombstone Trick or Treaters.
Tombstone Trick or Treaters.. Tombstone Trick or Treaters.

Funny Fly Tombstone Laying a Fruitloop Wreath

Fly Tombstone Laying a Fruitloop Wreath
I thought a contest about overindulgence might be a good idea, and created this as a theme post for it. Unfortunately, it has been over a year and my idea has not been used, so why not enter it into a real contest.
Member reactions:
Me likes this one a lot. Glad you could enter it here
Is the Donut a Krispy Kreme. Thanks for the tip and Congratulations on your Win.
It's a Fruit Loop (maybe people thinking it was a donut lowered the score - ha).
Congratulations winning the Bronze MsgtBob.

Funny Dead Charlie Sheen with Tombstone

Dead Charlie Sheen with Tombstone
Member reactions:
Clever and hilarious. Nice zombie work and engraving work too.
Woody congrats, pree. How does it feel to get a woody. Bwahahahah.
prememre that's cool work .. congrats on the woody keep going
Congrat's on the wood preemiememe. Cheers Mandrak
congrats on the woody preee. nice effects on charlie

Funny Tombstone Road Sign

Tombstone Road Sign

Funny Paul Newman's Tombstone Bust

Paul Newman's Tombstone Bust
Rest in peace, Paul Newman. Paul Newman source with consent of Jerry Murbach from (thanks.).
Member reactions:
Quality work. Truly feels like stone. I like attention to light and shadows here
real cool... but the nose job looks a bit weird (too straight.)
Great chop and tribute tom... Excellent entry
Thanks everyone for your comments. GeneralPepper: Maybe... the mayor problem was the lightning. I had to find a compromise between the original light and the recognition of Paul. A darker nose - according to the light of the tomb source - would have ruined it.

Funny Tim Russert Tombstone

Tim Russert Tombstone
Source Pic 1 Source Pic 2
Member reactions:
for some reason I think flipping Tim would give it a better viewing aspect
Flipped Russert etch and widened shoulders

Funny Kim Jong Un Tombstone

Kim Jong Un Tombstone
Neat texture, see large
Member reactions:
Yes, is pollikitol as is says in Sinanju dialect.

Funny Quit Smoking Tombstone

Quit Smoking Tombstone
Member reactions:
You should bevel/emboss the lettering "down" and add an inside shadow to make it look like the text is engraved on the tombstone.
I agree with pcrdds, would've made it better.... goodluck in the competition
nice work, everybody will go there if they wont stop
thx, Newsy... i ve been busy - retirement is so hectic.

Funny Simpsons Tombstone

Simpsons Tombstone
Member reactions:
I expected this in the top 4 just because its that daem funny.

Funny Tombstone

Member reactions:
So, the stain, is it from tears or did a dog pee on it.

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