Giant Tomatoes in a Field
Giant Tomatoes in a Field
Giant Tomatoes in a Field. Surely feed the whole farm.
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GMO's. Now where's the ladder. Kewl Idea.
Suggestive image. Who can help cows coming down .
Very Good Work Hidreley. Still looking for the ladder (or just top backside) they used to get up there on.
Yep, what NM said X2. Really nicely crafted
Hehehehe, cows rose behind SplatShot
I love it too, very pleasing composition..

Funny Throwing Tomatoes at Silvio Berlusconi

Throwing Tomatoes at Silvio Berlusconi

Funny Giant Tomato Monster in the City

Giant Tomato Monster in the City
Member reactions:
Clean work. I like how you made the copter attacking the tomato.

Funny Onion Tomato - Eat the future

Onion Tomato - Eat the future
That's not what I do...
Member reactions:
hahaha, this is awesome...true fact now...lucky here we grow all our own...
, they look so real I wonder how they taste.

Funny George Bush Selling Tomatoes

George Bush Selling Tomatoes
Please view full
Member reactions:
Wonderful colours and definition,Awesome.
Once again fantastic, you really need to get these in print & out there in the real world.
Congratulations Mr. Ears-outrageously funny.
rw)))))nice ..... congrats wonderful work.
Congrats on the Gold Mr.Pike.. Not Obama this time
A great caricature of George, RW. How did you get his skin to like that. It looks great. Grats my man.
I knew it had to be yours. Love it.... Congrats on another top pick.
Congrats pike, awesome texturing and light fx.
Another masterpiece from a master of caricatures. Congrats on the gold, Pike.
Hit another one out of the Park, Congratulations RW
Dam, this really is the best yet. I'm using it as my background pic on my pc.
Dam, this really is the best yet. I'm using it as my background pic on my pc.

Funny Tomato House Painting

Tomato House Painting
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze EMERALDEARTH, very nice.

Funny Chrome Tomato

Chrome Tomato
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver suchag33k. Great work
Thank you This was one of my first chops in what seems like ages.

Funny Happy Tomato in Ketchup

Happy Tomato in Ketchup
Member reactions:
oh boy, this looks like a horror flick for kids.

Funny Grand Theft Auto: Tomato City

Grand Theft Auto: Tomato City
The latest sequel to join the GTA family. *Back of the case description* "What does the Tomato dream mean today. For Chewy Tomate fresh off the vine from the garden, it is the hope he can become sauce. For his cousin, Squishy, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Tomato City, gateway to the land of Sauce-a-tunity."
Member reactions:
Haha Good idea

Funny Tomato Eating a Burger

Tomato Eating a Burger
Tomatoes can 'eat' insects ***Yah thats right I used a soft focus.. I know thats usually a death sentence here but I wanted to keep it as close to the source as i could**
Member reactions:
I think the soft focus looks good on the tomato as it shows perspective and depth, the only glitch I see is the red haloed on one finger... love it love it.
1. It's scary 2. It makes me hungry. Tasty chop.
And I love BLT's, but not so much anymore.

Funny Tomato

Photoshop this red tomato image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: merging this tomato with some fruits vegetables or objects, putting the tomato into some new environment, using this tomato image in wedding advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Sei K and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Tomatoes

Shocking news this week - the salmonella outbreaks in 17 states were caused by tomatoes containing the salmonella strain. "Red alert" tomato paranoia is paralyzing tomato industry in Florida and other states as tomatoes are rapidly removed from the store shelves and from the restaurant menus. The biggest fast food chains and groceries also voluntarily removed got rid of raw tomatoes, except for the three kinds that FDA assured to be still safe to eat - cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes and tomatoes grown on a vine. Salmonella causes fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps hours after infection and lasts up to seven days, often causing long-term complications. Photoshop tomatoes any way you wish. Some examples are: anything connected to the recent tomato-salmonella outbreak; show what life would be like if tomatoes ruled the world; merge tomatoes and other vegetables, fruits or objects; tomatoes in paintings and movies, etc.

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