Lose the weight today and only with Freaking News right now!
Lose the weight today and only with Freaking News right now!
Lose the weight today and only with Freaking News right now!. Girl "Photographie retouchée" (slightly).

Funny Russia today.LIVE

 Russia today.LIVE
Member reactions:
Very well done... like the way the fish is showing her teeth on Putin

Funny Wondering, will lunch be today?

Wondering, will lunch be today?
Member reactions:
Good 1. I reckon u should make hippo on sign 2 headed also.
Thank you, Kellie. Updated according to your advise.
Voter # 4, do you have own pictures in the contest.

Funny Marionettes for Russia Today

Marionettes for Russia Today

Funny Yesterday and Today RIP

Yesterday and Today RIP

Funny Were can I take You today

Were can I take You today
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I'd buy that. Now just what is Marilyn's number.

Funny Today


Funny Free Eggs Today

Free Eggs Today
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Thank you Hobbit. I was rushing to get him finished and I'm still tweaking, hope I don't goof him up.
I'm happy you like it Crafty. He's a Dird, naturally. They come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly Chicken to be specific
awesome creature, splat. great background, too. congrats.
Thank you very much Jere.., and Andrew. I was hoping being a little different would help
Grats on the woody, hey, I recognize that dog. Lol
Thanks DD. Yeah...When I saw your excellent post I stopped looked for a different source but nothing fit quite as good.
You do this long enough you realize that we're all using the same sources and since the search engines only want to show us pay source sites it don't leave us much anymore. It's gotten real bad.

Funny Yesterday teenagers, today presidents!

Yesterday teenagers, today presidents!
Sorry it's disgusting
Member reactions:
The snot looks like something else Hidden.
Crafty said it..... Hahahahahahahahahaha nice job.

Funny He has stomach problem today as usual

He has stomach problem today as usual

Funny If They Were Alive Today

If They Were Alive Today
Every one of us has a celebrity or artist, that made a difference in our lives, that are no longer alive today. How would Jim Morrison look today and would he still be writing songs? What would Audrey Hepburn look like nowadays? Take any dead celebrities and show how they would look if they were still alive today. Many thanks to Camthalio for the themepost.

Funny John Lennon Today

John Lennon Today
December 8 marks 34 years since John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman in New York. On that day the world lost the man who changed rock 'n' roll with The Beatles, the man who taught us to "imagine" the world with no countries, with all the people living life in peace... 34 years later John Lennon is still in our hearts as much as his songs. Let us imagine how John Lennon would live his life nowadays. "It's easy if you try..."

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