Rickytrek Today
Rickytrek Today
Rickytrek Today. Member reactions:
the Pix tag on the shirt.

Funny Barack Obama the Religion for Today

Barack Obama the Religion for Today
Member reactions:
Nice work seen here, very funny to see Obama in a new Avatar, True religion is only Humanity, lets concentrate on this and lead the world to the path of peace and prosperity

Funny Old Marilyn Monroe Today

Old Marilyn Monroe Today
I think she would still be a beautiful woman at 80.
Member reactions:
Fantastic. While aging her well, you still preserved her beauty.
I don't believe that she would be that poor.

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci Today

Leonardo Da Vinci Today
Leonardo Today
Member reactions:
I'd like to teach the world to sing......
Nice work. Little glow showing still around some of the edges distract a bit. but minor issue overall.
aside from the already touched upon masking, i'd also like to mention that in nowhere on the painting besides his clothes is the lighting that harsh

Funny USA Today

USA Today
Thankfully it's almost over. Full view if you feel like reading it
Member reactions:
Glad I went full view - each little bit of text is a hoot.
This one would have gotten the cash prize from me.

Funny Manet Today Drag Queen

Manet Today Drag Queen
Drag Queen

Funny Conserve Water Today

Conserve Water Today
Member reactions:
I etched over the blue with another blue so it wouldn't look off.

Funny Going to be Windy Today Margaret Thatcher

Going to be Windy Today Margaret Thatcher
Only Her Hairdresser Knows
Member reactions:
I reckon she used about a pound of cow gum glue/spray to keep it up. .

Funny Today is a Good Day to Fry

Today is a Good Day to Fry
Crispy critter.

Funny Durer Today with Marijuana

Durer Today with Marijuana
One more version of the masterpiece...

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